YouTube Premium adds all these new features to entice you to subscribe

YouTube Premium wants to entice new subscribers with news that improves the visual experience and the app itself, will that be enough?

YouTube Premium is a service that improves content playback on your mobile device or TV.

YouTube Premium Ease of having an ad-free experience. Every time you watch a video in this state, you will not be interrupted by any product at any time, also you can download videos to watch offline. Also play in the background or in PIP mode. Are these reasons enough to subscribe? Today, the Google company announced its reasons, which are also added to iOS, for its subscribers.

SharePlay support for YouTube Premium on iOS, enhanced 1080p playback and more

Google has now opened the door. playing content with a remote person On Android with Google Meet Live Sharing. Coming to iOS in the coming weeks thanks to SharePlayLet’s remember that other apps are already compatible with this experience. And if that’s not enough, YouTube will have an enhanced version of the videos It’s called 1080p Premium. This Coming to iOS first and producing sharper, clearer content. It will be better understood in videos with more movement and detail.

YouTube 1080p Premium Menu

“1080p Premium” will be paid

would you put content to be sorted or queued in other services? YouTube Premium also takes advantage of this more personalized feature to suspend videos or save content for later viewing. Another example of this is having messages to keep viewing content on different devices.

For example, now while watching a video from iPhone, if you visit the browser it will remind you if you want to continue watching it or on another paired device. The message will appear in the lower right corner and will be used for users who forget to continue the video or switch devices for this function.

Did the YouTube Premium news convince you? there is something else

For users who normally download content, YouTube Premium will enable smart download feature. If you see suggested videos from time to time, they may be downloaded automatically. So if you forget to do it manually, it’s an advantage to not run out of new content to view if you don’t have an internet connection.

YouTube Premium-ios

YouTube Premium: videos from your favorite artists

For iPhone or iPad users, the function 1080p Premium will be under scrutiny Better usable on a device with OLEDWe’ll have to see how much difference there is between the traditional reproduction at this resolution and the added premium. Finally, the innovation that promises to be more interesting and useful is the one about SharePlay. How many of us have never felt the need to show certain content to a distant person?

There is no official arrival date but we don’t think it will take long to arrive.. It’s surprising that Googlers decided to primarily bet on better playback quality on iOS than Android. Will it be reason enough for new users to subscribe to Premium?

Source: i Padizate

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