“Assets like these are comparable to lottery tickets.” An expert in the crypto industry made a professional evaluation of the popular game Hamster Kombat and described those who will mainly benefit from the “hamster tapping” in the crypto-Tamagotchi, which is exploding the market and promising free money to people.

“These assets are comparable to lottery tickets”: crypto expert Tamagotchi Hamster Kombat
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The reasons why Hamster Kombat conquered the market were mainly its accessibility for beginners, an improved game format, and the free distribution of tokens for simple in-game actions. Leo Cryptus, co-founder of the CRYPTUS company, told RB.RU.

According to Kryptus, the expectation of free money for simple actions in the game attracts newcomers to the market and, consequently, new investors, which contributes to the development of the cryptocurrency market.

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The approaches used in Hamster Kombat allow sophisticated investors to profit from the volatility and potential for asset price increases.

“These assets can be compared to lottery tickets, as they do not have significant technological value. However, they may be suitable for portfolios with speculative assets, where the objective is to speculate on the price and sell the asset in the short or medium term, but certainly not for long-term investments,” Cryptus noted.

Hamster Kombat is a Play2Earn game that promises to earn money per game. In June 2024 it went viral: by June 6 it had already attracted almost 100 million players. The essence of the game is to click on the hamster on the screen, earn coins and buy bonuses with them.


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