With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, companies had to hire emergency services. meets the needs of its employees within the scope of the remote working model.

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Anydesk emerged to control computers hosted in offices from another computer, so users can access saved documents, files and any content on company equipment during a health emergency.

For the tech portal ‘Xataka’, this tool is “very useful when you are away from your office or mainframe and suddenly need access to them for quick administration”.

“You will be able to access the computer from a device and remotely control it, browse its folders or open the browser in short, doing the same thing you do when you’re at the computer,” he adds.

It is compatible for Android, iOS, Windows, MacOs, GNU, Linux and more operating systems. It does not consume a lot of memory and internet connection as it offers extremely low latency.

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The first thing to do andGo to Anydesk homepage and download the tool for your operating system. Note that the download is completely free and you will only have to pay if you want to access the premium version the app offers.

You will not need to install anything and the system’s home page will immediately open on your computer. In it, in the left column, you will see a nine digit codeIt is the device you will use later to control your computer from another device.

To connect, you must press the “Other job” option at the top of your computer. What you need to do in this window enter the eight-digit code of the device you want to controland then click “Connect” to access and manage the computer remotely.

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Source: Exame

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