Since the 30 March declaration Orange activity level at Nevado del Ruiz volcanoAuthorities took action to evacuate communities in neighboring areas that could be affected in the event of a disaster. possible explosion.

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Earthquakes, detected thermal anomalies and the ash column emerging from it are just a few of the elements which elements are used. The Colombian Geological Service (SGC) confirms the instability.

“It is impossible to predict the internal behavior of volcanoes. (…) It is unpredictable because a fast process can be sped up and triggered an explosion, as well as stunned, slowed down, and nothing else.. Who says it will speed up or stay steady? No one can say that – by any tool or technique -” said John Londoño, director of SGC Geothreats, in a conversation with EL TIEMPO.

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To be notified in the event of an eruption, this is the volcanic threat map made by the SGC. It should be noted that everything depends on the magnitude of this phenomenon.

Pyroclastic falls, pyroclastic density flows, lava flows, lahars, debris avalanches, and directed lateral eruption are all predictable phenomena in a possible emergency.

The risk map has Rural areas in the upper municipalities of Villamaría, Herveo, Casabianca, Villahermosa, Murillo (Tolima) and Santa Rosa de Cabal (Risaralda).

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Pyroclastic flows are the deadliest. “They can travel up to 100, 200 or more kilometers per hour and at temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius. This sweeps away everything found. There’s no time for anything,” said SGC’s Londoño.

Lahars or volcanic mudflows are likewise viewed as another destructive phenomenon.

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“These take longer to produce because they contain rock, they break down and combine all the materials they find in the riverbed and on the way. When it goes upstream, the flow increases and whatever it finds it takes it,” Londoño told EL TIEMPO.

As part of the volcano can go several kilometers. SGC estimates show that He could go down the valleys of the Nereid valleys and down the Molinos River, they would then proceed about 62 km to reach the Claro and Chinchiná rivers. flowing into the Cauca River and possibly a few kilometers downstream.

Therefore, during its journey it will affect the rural areas of the municipalities of Manizales, Villamaría, Chinchiná, Palestina, Neira and Anserma (Caldas).

North, Can reach the Magdalena RiverHerveo affects the rural areas of the municipalities of Casabianca, Fresno, Palocabildo, Falan, Mariquita and Honda, and the municipal seats of Mariquita and Honda (Tolima).


To the east, it would go from the basin of the Azufrado and Lagunilla rivers to the Lagunilla river. Equal, can pass for old Gunsmith. In this case, the rural areas of the municipalities of Villahermosa, Murillo, Casabianca, Líbano, Lérida, Falán and Armero Guayabal (Tolima) will be affected.

South of the volcano, it would also reach the Magdalena River.Passing through the rural areas of the municipalities of Murillo, Líbano, Lérida, Venadillo and Ambalema (Tolima).

Within a radius of about 25 kilometers, ash and lapilli, that is, pieces of lava thrown by the volcano can fall. The more rural areas of the municipalities of Villamaría, Herveo, Casabianca, Villahermosa, Murillo (Tolima) and Santa Rosa de Cabal (Risaralda) will also be affected in these two ways.

In addition to the above, within a radius of 54 kilometers, ash and lapilli Dosquebradas moderate risk in Santa Rosa de Cabal, MarseilleChinchiná, Belacazar, Palestine, Risaralda, Villamaria, Manizales, Neira, Marulanda, Herveo, Casabianca, Villahermosa, Murillo and Santa Isabel.

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Inside 88 kilometers radius, municipalities in both urban and rural parts of Caldas, Tolima, Risaralda, Quindío, Valle del Cauca and Cundinamarca departmentsmay be affected by wind-borne materials such as ash and lapilli, among others.

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Source: Exame

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