Currently many apps and videos on platforms that allow users to exercise without a coach, from home or anywhere. However, due to the presence of several of them, it becomes more difficult to choose the one that suits your needs.

These apps will help you exercise without having to pay a monthly fee to a gym or invest in equipment to perform the exercises.

The first thing you should know is that these apps are available for Android and iOS devices, as well as accessible from a computer or tablet. In addition, in many of them you can choose the sport you want.

According to the dedicated technology portal “Xataka”, some of the “apps” that are easy to use while exercising include:

1. Seven-minute workout

This app offers high-intensity routines -HICT- and It is suitable for intense but short-term exercises. It has 12 options with 30 seconds of activity and 10 rest periods. It is not necessary to have gym equipment to do the exercises.

2. Home Workout (Home Workout)

You won’t need home exercise equipment in this app either, because you’ll be working with your own body weight. It recommends different routines for the main muscle groups of the well as warming up and stretching. Each of them offers you a guide video for you to do the exercises in the best way.

3. Home exercises

The application is dedicated to home exercises and an additional function set an alarm to schedule workouts and remind you. At the beginning of each of the routines he gives you some exercises to warm up and some stretching exercises at the end. It is supported by images of each of the movements to be executed. It offers personalized routines and the option to include weight, height and body mass index.

4.Fit Bit Trainer

FitBit company, besides offering fitness wristbands, also owns this fitness app. can be downloaded to mobile phone or tablet. The app will suggest routines ranging from seven minutes to an hour.

5. Hiit and Cardio

This app offers you four training programs with video tutorials. You can rate the difficulty level of routines and exercises.. The workout is done with HIIT, or high-intensity intervals.

With these applications, you will have no excuses for space, time and equipment to develop healthy habits.


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