WhatsApp Web already has a public beta, so any user will be able to test the new features before they become officially available. How can I access new features? applications?

The social network’s web app previously had a closed beta version. That is, only a few people can access and test it. functions that can reach the official version. However, now we can all do it.

With this public beta, when developers add new tools for user testing, they will appear in the browser almost instantly after the update.

For example, if new ones are being tested emojiwe will see them before others. Additionally, we can report bugs.

– Login to WhatsApp Web.

-Tap the three vertical circles in the upper right. A drop-down menu will open.

-In this, search for ‘Settings’ and click on it.

-Another menu will open from the left. Search for ‘Help’ which comes with a question mark (?) in a circle.

-A new menu will be displayed on the left side. At the end of everything you will find the phrase “Join the beta”.

-Click the square on the right to activate the option and that’s it.

-If this option does not appear, Maybe WhatsApp Web beta hasn’t arrived in your region or country yet, so all that’s left is to wait..

-Finally, if you don’t want to use this version of WhatsApp Web anymore, just follow the same steps and disable the ‘Join beta’ option at the end.


Source: Exame

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