Her iphone not loading as it should? If that’s the case, you’re probably making several commits. common errors when reinstalling your device.

As a user, you should keep in mind that battery quality will degrade with use.

This means that over time the extension will not have 100% charge capacity as when you bought it, because its lifespan will become too short to last a full day.

Therefore, it is important that you can maximize its function, avoiding the following Errors while charging your iPhoneAccording to the official Apple page.

Previously, it was believed to be a useful habit to let the battery drain completely until it was turned off; but it is one of the most harmful applications.

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The company claims that this affects the duty cycle of the extension as it causes the system to stop suddenly and shorten the battery life.

It’s no secret that the iPhone and others smart phone They may get hot when using high-volume applications or games that affect device performance.

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actually this a great inconvenience If the phone is charging while using these ‘apps’ because the phone’s temperature will rise due to overstrain.

This is not beneficial for long battery life and proper operation.

On the other hand, you should also avoid it. direct sun exposure or placing on surfaces that can retain heat because this contributes to a defect in its performance.

While it’s true that silicone cases help protect the phone, preventing bumps and damage to its structure, removing them at charging time may cause more damage than can be avoided.

Strange as it may seem, this bad habit causes equipment to only retain heat when powered up, so it’s best to keep it uncovered and in a cool place to avoid overheating.

This recommendation can be one of the most obvious mistakes, remembering that there is no other accessory that can provide more battery life than your original charger.


According to Apple, the life and capacity of the battery depends not only on its physical maintenance, but also on its operating system update

Ideally, the phone should always have the latest version of iOS, as developers are always optimizing the functions and features of the device, including technical supports that can help the stack support the performance of the device.


Source: Exame

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