If some photo editing tools gave you trouble as they are very difficult to operate, the DragGan platform It will help you transform your images in ways never seen before with basic motion tips.


This tool uses the generative antagonistic network (GAN) through an artificial intelligence neural networks system. new pixels are created or the shapes of the original image are changed.
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Although Photoshop’s warp tool allows for similar changes, the truth is, DranGan understands file composition and can change the expression of any subject from serious to happy.fully using artificial intelligence.

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Another of the great functions of this platform It is the movement of objects, people or objects in the space of the image without appearing to be altered. Even the tools with the most expertise in these changes still owe users a lot of time or need to make multiple changes that require a lot of knowledge and time.

Finally, one of the notable aspects is its interface, which is really simple. With a set of controls that do not exceed the control that the average user might have, Starting points can be created in the image to determine the direction of movement or expression of subjects.

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