For several years, the Santanderean actor has established himself as one of the leading men on national and international television. Daniel Arenas strengthened his artistic career especially in Mexico, It’s where he starred in several telenovelas that were very successful in Latin America.

More than a year ago, Santanderean heartthrob and model Daniela Álvarez publicly confirms their emotional affair. However, a recent fact has sparked controversy among his followers because Arenas was absent at the Colombian businesswoman’s 35th birthday celebration.

The server, through its social networks Daniela Álvarez shared some photos from her birthday party on her Instagram account. and Daniel Arenas’ absence caught the attention of internet users and reassured: “His kiss with Adamari López cost him his relationship, unfortunately they made a good couple”.

Another detail that caught the attention of netizens is, Daniel Arenas’ posts on Instagram stories, where he placed a photo in a restaurant with a group of friends and looks very affectionate with another woman, Celebrities’ possible separation rumors have increased.

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Also, for a few weeks, lack of publication and interaction in social networks, between the business woman and the presenter, Rumors of a possible breakup escalated.

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However, Álvarez recently talked about their relationship in an interview on Channel One’s entertainment show ‘Lo Sé Todo’. confirms his continued relationship with the bumangues.

He also added: “Everyone decides whether they want to show their relationship or not. if you want to share, if you don’t want to share and it’s very respectable behavior, so everyone runs the networks as they want, everyone shows what they want to show, and that’s how it’s done. You have to live it while respecting the priorities of the other and your own”.


Source: Exame

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