New teen love story shakes the video universe streaming. Near My faultFilm about Amazon Prime Video inspired by a work of literature guilty from mercedes ron. This feature film tells the story of two young people with different visions of the world, who, due to family circumstances, at some point will be much closer than they imagined. The main characters of this story are Nicole Wallacewho plays Noah, and Gabriel Guevaraas Nick.

Both are integral to the following official synopsis: “Noah must leave his town, boyfriend, and friends to move into his mother’s new husband’s mansion. There, she meets her new half-brother, Nick, and their personalities clash from the start. But the attraction they feel will lead them into a forbidden relationship where the rebellious and tormented nature of each of them will turn their world upside a result, they end up falling madly in love.

The description already says enough about how contentious a relationship can be. Even about the different conversations that can be developed about My fault on social networks and other places for communication. Due to its recent premiere, we’re looking at part of the trajectory of its main characters, Nicole Wallace and Gabriel Guevara.

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Who are Nicole Wallace and Gabriel Guevara, the main characters My fault?

Both actors have a common initial project: Scam Spain. These are two young figures of the country’s art scene. My faultconsidering their recent influence, this may be the most important work of their short career so far. With that said, who is behind Noah’s character?

Nicole Wallace

His film career began in 2008, just six years after his birth in 2002. This debut took place in a short film. Excisiondirected by Richard Bates Jr. After that first experience in front of the cameras ten years later, he participated in Scam Spain. This is a remake of the Norwegian series. Scamabout the life of a group of teenagers.

My Fault Starring Nicole Wallace

His next work was produced in television format. It was in 2021 when he participated in ParrotThe police drama is told over ten episodes. The synopsis for this series is as follows: “After the abolition of the Paro Doctrine in Spain in 2013, more than 100 prisoners were released. However, over time, the released prisoners seem to be killed in the same way as their victims, so the Isabelle Mora police will try their best to catch the killer.

This year, 2023, in addition to working in My fault, will be in two other projects:

  • Echoshort film written and directed by Meritxell A. Walls.
  • not one moreNetflix series inspired by the literary work of Miguel Saez Carral.

Gabriel Guevara

Born in 2001, he shares a common project with Nicole Wallace: Scam Spain. The difference between them is that the one that represented his second job for Wallace; in the case of Guevara, it was the first. From this 2018 to now, his acting dynamic has been quite intense, participating in Ladies from (H)AMPA (2019) STRIKEin (2020), Charterhis first feature film (2020).

Gabriel Guevara, main character of My Guilt

Two years after this last project, he was part of bose (2022) How to fuck it all (2022) and you are not special (2022). My faultBecause of the scale it registers and because it’s a lead role, it looks like the most relevant work in a short career.

Thus, these works may not be the last to generate news about Nicole Wallace and Gabriel Guevara. My fault It can be seen on the Amazon Prime Video platform from June 8, 2023..

Source: Hiper Textual

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