Discuss that one of the sagas most loved by adventure film lovers is the saga of Indiana Jones, played in his four feature films to date from non-flammable Harrison Fordwhom we will also remember for his Han Solo in star Wars (since 1977) and his Rick Deckard in blade runner (since 1982), this is sheer nonsense. And those of us who continue to admire Steven Spielberg’s character are looking forward to the film’s premiere. fifth part.

After four films directed by Hollywood’s King Midas, namely: in search of the lost ark (1981) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1983), undefeated Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) and unfairly despised Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008), his compatriot James Mangold took the reins of power next project, which we should see in the summer of 2023.

we like this manager. Especially since he’s given us at least two pretty interesting films out of the eleven he’s ordered to date: Personality (2003) and don’t go superhero out Logan (2017). Other viewers might like it too Copland (1997) Interrupted innocence (1999) on a tightrope (2005) or Train 3:10 (2007). But his accomplishments don’t stop us from being sad that we don’t have Steven Spielberg. backstage here again.

Great cast for Indiana Jones 5.

Also Harrison Ford good people accompany him upon his return as our favorite archaeologist. Let’s start with Phoebe Waller-Bridge, famous for the series flea (2016-2019), great Mads Mikkelsenwho played Hannibal Lecter in the film adaptation of Bryan Fuller (2013–2015), Thomas Kretschmann, Captain Wilm Hosenfeld in Pianist (2002), Boyd Holbrook, the face of Steve Murphy from narcos (2015-2017) or Shonette Renee Wilson, Stephanie Reed from billions (since 2016).

Not forgetting the recognizable Toby Jones, who embodied Smee in Discovering Neverland (2004), to our Antonio Banderaswhom we were able to see as Armand in interview with a Vampire (1994) and Olivier Richters, who wanted to take on the role of Ursa for black Widow (2021), for example. Whether or not they will feature Karen Allen and John Rhys-Davies as Marion Ravenwood and Salla remains to be confirmed. But no sign of Mutt Williams from Shia LaBeouf.


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