EA and Maxis left ‘The Sims’ fans with a pleasant surprise: ‘Project Rene’, which is expected to be the next ‘The Sims 5’, can be purchased for free. This new installment of the simulation series aims to innovate by regularly adding new content to the base game.

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The statement was made in the ‘Behind the Sims’ broadcast, where details about the game were announced. In the words of the developers, ‘Project Rene’ aims to “do things from scratch that haven’t been done before in ‘The Sims’ or try to do common things in a new way.”

They also confirmed that despite the arrival of this new game, ‘The Sims 4’ will continue to receive updates and content, allowing both versions to co-exist.

One of the most notable features of ‘Project Rene’ is that players will not have to pay a subscription or any money for the base version of the game.. As time goes on, it will expand with regular updates adding new experiences and content.

Although these core updates (such as the inclusion of weather conditions) will be free, additional ‘packs’ are planned to be released with premium content and an associated cost, such as winter sports and snow-related entertainment activities.

Although ‘Project Rene’ is still in development, EA and Maxis have ambitious plans. They aim to involve the community in their development through closed testing, limited public testing, and early access options.

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On September 14, ‘The Sims 4’ will enrich its offering with the ‘Home Chef’ accessory pack. This set will allow players to design Sims that look like real chefs and will offer clothing like aprons and uniforms for all family members.

This pack will not only change the appearance of the sims, but also introduce new ways to cook, earn income, and upgrade to Build/Buy mode. Those interested will find new items to personalize their Sims and new accessories for the kitchen, such as a waffle maker with various recipe options.

Additionally, the developer company will provide a free upgrade to the game. This update will include tools to find food more efficiently and the option to bake cakes in the oven.

On related topics, ‘The Sims Mobile’ is set to commemorate Halloween and Hollywood’s centennial, while ‘The Sims FreePlay’ will dress up for the Day of the Dead.

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