Director’s next film Martin Scorseseentitled Flower Moon Assassinsthere is a new trailer. The first preview of this production was presented on May 18. As usual in the filmography of the director, he is accompanied Leonardo DiCaprio starring in the film.

After Irish, released on Netflix in 2019, Martin Scorsese has not presented any other feature film. This production attracted attention for its length (over 3 hours), as well as for its cinematic language, rich in shots, sequences, and accompanied by exceptional attention. This earned him ten Oscar nominations.

In 2023, Martin Scorsese, one of the most important directors in the history of cinema, returns to cinemas with Flower Moon Assassins. Through this production, he refers to a historical and real event. The feature film is set in 1920 and will be dedicated to a series of murders of members of the Osage Indian tribe, located in northeastern Oklahoma in the United States. Why is this place special? Their lands are full of oil.

New trailer for Flower Moon Assassins

Flower Moon Assassins Starring two of the most important actors in modern film history, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro. Both are favorite interpreters of Martin Scorsese, who has already used them separately in previous projects such as The wolf of Wall Street (2013) and Good guys (1990).

Leonardo DiCaprio plays Ernest Burkhartand Robert De Niro embodies William Hale. The first nephew of the second. Throughout the production, while the murders are taking place, family ties between them will be explored. Is there anything in common other than blood? Yes, they both want to protect the land they live on, which may be persecuted by those who seek oil on it.

This goal will force the characters to take any action they consider, including violent ones. Flower Moon Assassins It is inspired by the detective novel of the same name by David Grann. This work, published in 2017, focuses on the Osage massacres in the 1920s in Oklahoma, USA, as mentioned earlier.

These crimes took place in a mysterious way, and their main victims were people from this community who got rich from oil extraction. Deep down, these deaths are linked to a corrupt conspiracy linked to various figures close to power at the time. Flower Moon Assassinswritten by Martin Scorsese with Eric Roth and produced by Apple TV+ and Paramount Pictures. It will release on October 6 in US theaters..

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