Lyudmila Makhovaya, an immunologist at INVITRO-Voronezh, said the main threats to hypersensitive people in the summer are blooming, seasonal berries, insect bites and “allergy to the sun.”

Exacerbation of seasonal allergic diseases in people with increased pollen sensitivity is observed during the period of active flowering of meadow grasses – for example, timothy grass, perennial straw, rye – from early June to mid-July and at the height of weeds. Flowering from mid-July to mid-October (ragweed, wormwood, wallflower, plantain).

In addition, a frequent reason for visiting doctors is “allergy to the sun” – an acute reaction to ultraviolet rays. If a person has previously noticed redness, itching, tuberculosis in the area struck by the rays from the luminaire, then he should limit his exposure to the open sun during the period of the greatest ultraviolet working activity – from 11:00 to 18:00. . In addition, the allergist recommends that such people use products with high sun protection and not wear revealing clothes.

It is also useful to remember cross-allergy with pollen for vegetables and fruits. Pollen molecules are similar in structure to molecules in some fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Therefore, if an allergy to weed pollen is detected in patients, allergic reactions can be expected when eating watermelon, melon, cucumber and tomato, says the doctor.

In addition, eating foods high in histamine—strawberries, strawberries, papaya, pineapple, and citrus fruits—may develop skin and gastrointestinal allergy symptoms. In addition, you should beware of “birch” allergies: birch pollen molecules are similar to stone fruit molecules – apple, apricot, cherry.

Insect bites are also potentially dangerous for allergy sufferers, so Mahovaya advises them to use repellents and specially equipped beaches. When bitten, you need to apply something cold, drink an antihistamine and carefully monitor your health. If the symptoms increase, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible, the specialist recommended.

Source: Ferra

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