The kitchen now conveys positive sensations to people, its effectiveness for body and mind is known to everyone. But now it has become an integral part of a detox path of one Psicofarm. The latter could be the valid path for those who have lost their inner balance and want to find themselves. Psicofarm is a center focused on mental wellbeing with a detoxification process. Which practically happens in a Spa, but here it serves to relax the mind. Targeted treatments for the psychological aspect such as walks in the middle of nature, artistic and musical paths with food manipulations.

The benefits of the Psicofarm are many and all valid reasons to try this new sensory and relaxing adventure for the mind. Only by living this new experience will it be possible to understand and convey positive and satisfying emotions. The Psicofarm improves moodincreases inner peace and self-awareness.

Its purpose is to help a person manage: tension and especially in understanding their feelings. A way to find the answers that were never found or that in our eyes did not exist yet. The Psicofarm can be helpful, but cannot replace a psychologist if necessary. However, it only brings benefits and no contraindications or negative effects.

Source: Lega Nerd

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