Gia (Emily Clarke) was one of the most intriguing mysteries in a controversy full of them. But especially now that she survived the attack on Gravik (Kingsley Ben Adir) and showed that the possibility Skrull with higher powers it’s real, it’s more. How much did the terrorist leader experiment with his race? What is the real point of his attempt to change the already complex genetics of his comrades? These are the initial questions posed in the first chapters. covert invasion Disney+ and that makes its panorama even more cloudy than it was. Especially the third episode, which already hinted that the intrigues of the extremists are wider and tougher than one might think.

All in the midst of a confrontation of loyalty Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) increasingly divided. The plot again returns to the character’s life with his wife and the fact that this story is more dangerous than it seems. This is not just a romance between two loners isolated in the middle of a dangerous trade. Besides, it’s a chink in the steely ability of an agent to keep his secrets. Paying tribute to the Avengers initiative, way kernel (Charlain Woodard) knew about some of the life-changing decisions of her future husband, it’s amazing. New information expands context fury and make it clear that Skrull he had direct access to the decisions of the man who united Earth’s heroes.

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Which immediately begs the question. Can this proximity provide vital information Gravik? This is part of your genetic improvement project. Skrull derived from data provided before or after kernel? The chapter does not make it completely clear, but it moves towards the possibility that fury made a big mistake without even knowing it. Maybe it was the innocent conversations he had with kernel a weapon that she herself would use against him in the future?

Not one face is hidden among the betrayals

James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) has always been characterized by impeccable loyalty, which has become the biggest and most recognizable trait of his personality. So his unpredictable connection with kernelcalls into question not only his personality, but also his place in history. Both in the past in relation to the Avengers, and in the future in the coming battle. It also raises an ominous question. If you were one of the targets of the progressive spoofing that Gravik alluded to, when did this happen? What events under his influence are now in a huge alien database?

In a conversation in which he makes clear his level of influence, Tony Stark’s former close friend demonstrates that compromise Skrull not foreign Much more difficult, which is the link between Gravik and confidential data about everyone around furyas a retired agent. Even the very existence of any solution to the once most dangerous spy in the world.

Secret Invasion starring Samuel L. Jackson

But what worries me most is the hidden cruelty Rhodes V covert invasion. The fact that he knows how to press and move pieces on the board of vital decisions to understand the mechanisms of the phantom plan. Is the US government confidant the first notable victim of an extensive impersonation scheme? Skrull? In this case, the series is much smarter than before in exploiting the ambiguity of its central characters.

kernelApparently turned into a spy and then the victim of sophisticated threats, she must understand that the burden of death lies on her shoulders. Either yours or Nick Furywhich at the same time proves that the woman he loved is not on the sidelines – and never was – in the war of violent interests that is about to break out.

“Secret Invasion”: father and daughter in the middle of a crossroads

Recovered from the wound and turned into a symbol of what Gravik you can do in your genetic experiment, Gia He returns to his father. But it’s not about friendship or reconciliation. For the character, the future is important, as well as the possibility of what can happen for the benefit of the people around him. An essential look at how those who support terrorists contemplate their questionable activities. Even after recovering from a near fatal attack, Skrull he learns the motive behind the case of the most dangerous man in his city. But Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) insists on negotiation, on faith in diplomacy or in human kindness.

Emilia Clarke as G'ia and Ben Mendelsohn as Talos in Secret Invasion
Emilia Clarke as G’ia and Ben Mendelsohn as Talos in Secret Invasion. Des Willy. © 2023 MARVEL.

The point that Nick Fury you have just learned that this is no longer applicable in your life or even in your immediate plans. After listening to a conversation between kernel And Rhodesthere is a crack that needs to be closed. Not only in his personal life, but also in his relationship with the man he once considered his ally. But the agent waits, tries not to push, and fully understands the possible betrayal that he suffered and, even worse, the one that he is about to experience from the person he trusted.

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Perhaps that is why the last scene of the chapter is so painful. Gravik triumphs again in its other successes in the gray zone. He may not achieve the strategy he was thinking of, but yes, pushing Nick Fury to dark places. Moreover, with one more victim in his team and the conviction that from now on, the confrontation will only bring death. Even among those around him and at some point they were part of all his plans. stems and kernel among them. A fall from which perhaps the most powerful spy in the world cannot recover.

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