Ryan Reynolds he woke up wanting to smile back at adults who grew up in the eighties. The actor will not only return Alf in a new TV project, but also in a very popular animated series in the 1990s: Motor mice from Mars.

Reynolds announced A reload from the series created by Rick Ungar for Marvel in 1993.. In accordance with Deadlinethe actor will use his company “Maximum Effort” to produce a new version Motor mice from Mars together with Nacelle, owner of the rights.

Series will be streamed on Fuboa video streaming service in which Ryan Reynolds has a stake since 2022. Motor mice from Mars is one of several Maximum Effort projects for its original content channel on the platform. Unlike Alfactor plans A reload in a way to tell the story of Drossel, Modo and Vinnie.

“Some people know that I am a motorcycle enthusiast, so it was only natural that we jumped on board. Motor mice from MarsReynolds said. “Maximum Effort and Fubo are looking forward to revisiting this cult classic with our friends at Nacelle,” he said. The pilot will be directed by Brian Volk-Weiss, founder of Nacelle and director of the Netflix miniseries. The toys that made us.

For now no details on release date or number of chapters. Reboot Motor mice from Mars It will premiere on the Maximum Effort Channel, which is available on Fubo, Tubi, Amazon Freevee, Plex, VIDAA, LG Channels, and other streaming services.

Ryan Reynolds bets on nostalgia Motor mice from Mars

The decision to revive Alf or Motor mice from Mars it would be questionable for any producer, but not for Ryan Reynolds. The actor has invested his money in such projects as a virtual mobile operator, a streaming service or a football team in the third division of England.

With this project Reynolds bets on nostalgia and for this he cooperates with an experienced company. Nacelle has made documentaries on toys, films and cartoons from yesteryear. Among his catalog we find The toys that made us, Movies that made us (Netflix), Icons miniseries for star Wars, Marvel And The Simpsonsas well as a documentary out of production for AppleTV.

to reboot Motor mice from MarsRyan Reynolds mentioned that redefine a cult classic. The original story centers on Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie, three humanoid mice who escape Mars after an environmental disaster caused by the Plutarkians. After crash-landing in Chicago, the heroes realize that their enemies are planning to do the same on Earth and will do anything to stop them.

The Motor Mice from Mars figurines designed by Nacelle for the new Ryan Reynolds series.

The original animated series premiered in September 1993 and consists of 65 episodes divided into three seasons.. Although it did not have the expected success in the US, Motor mice from Mars it became an evening bar favorite in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and other countries in Latin America and Europe. During this time, Konami developed a game for the Super Nintendo that reflected all the elements that made the TV show famous.

Nacelle currently owns the rights and has announced the release of Throttle, Modo and Winnie collectible figures.

Source: Hiper Textual

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