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Three new channels appear on Pluto TV to complete the free TV offer.


Pluto TV is a TV streaming platform similar to Netflix or Disney+, as we have already said, with one important difference: it is completely free and does not require registration. That is, you go to the web or application, choose what you want to watch and that’s it.

No cheating, just advertising, like on any TV channel. They somehow need to be financed, and advertising is not very annoying: one ad every 15 minutes. The app has been getting better month by month with series, movies and channels being added to it.

Speaking of channels, three new channels will be coming to Pluto TV in June. As such, the free platform owned by Paramount will offer the best selection of horror movies and series from Pluto TV Horror; will return the history of the Winx Club animated series and plunge into the world of short films along with the Short channel.

Pluto TV Horror: Premiere June 6th

Pluto TV Horror is a new channel where fans of the genre can enjoy the best selection of the most terrifying series and movies such as REC, The Scream or Jack’s House. Definitely a one time choice to start with.

With this channel, horror and scream lovers can watch good horror movies whenever they want: just visit Pluto TV and that’s it.

fabulous channel

Winx Club: Premiere June 6

Winx Club, the 2000s cult cartoon that captivated the millennial generation, will now have its own TV channel on Pluto TV. Or so want to sell us from the company.

In this way, fans of Bloom, Stella, Flora, Muska, Tecna and Aisha will be able to experience the adventures of this group of fabulous friends with powers. The Winx Club, a team that will fight to maintain order and prevent the victory of evil over good in the city of Magix.

Pluto TV Shorts

Shorts: premiere June 21

In June, the summer season officially begins with the summer solstice, and with it the shortest night of the year. For this reason, the company claims to be celebrating this date with the premiere of the new Cortos channel, a window into the world of short films.

The platform invites short story lovers to immerse themselves in the largest catalog of live-action, animated and documentary short films from Spain, Latin America and the world, including award-winning and star-studded shorts.

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