Fourth season continuity brought to an end one of the most sensational series of the last five years. In it, the Roy brothers fought against everyone and against each other for inherit your father’s company, Waystar Royko. A battle that ended in an unexpected ending and left several very important issues unresolved. One of them is the one that finally decided Jesse Armstrogseries creator.

Armstrong attended an event hosted by Financial Times. In it, he told some details of the commented finale. continuity. But, most importantly, he finally revealed whether the name is Kendall was underlined or crossed out in the will Logan Roy. This refers to the fourth episode of the season. It has the closest people Logan come to his house after his death. that’s when Frankadviser Waystar Royko, open the safe. Inside is a piece of paper that could jeopardize the future of the company forever, so he decides to notify the top executives and kids about Logan.

The document specifies that Kendall He is selected to inherit the position of CEO of the company. However, there is a line next to the name that starts below the letters but ends above them. Heroes – and viewers – doubted Logan he underlined or crossed out his son’s name.

New details of the end of Legacy

In the first case, this meant that for him the priority was Kendall take the reins in his hands But in the second case, it meant that he had changed his mind. And the fact is that in previous seasons Kendall he repeatedly publicly betrayed his father. Now, Armstrong clarified the unknown.

“It’s something I wouldn’t want to do at all while the show was on the air. If you crossed it out, you would not start lower, would you? ”Comments the creator. continuity. Some of the words that caused jubilation among those present at the event, as they confirmed that Logan yes i wanted kendall was his successor. “Highlighted!” someone shouts, Armstrongnod again.

Who won in the end continuity

These statements Armstrong confirms that the stubborn businessman chose his son. However, in the series Kendall he is a big loser. Document Logan This does not clarify the situation, so everyone chooses a different strategy. Kendall, Roman And shiv they eventually team up and convince the board of directors that the company should not be sold to a Swedish company. gojo. In addition, among the brothers they choose their own. Kendall as the new CEO.

But at the time of voting shiv He changes his mind and decides to support the sale. Your voice tips the scales in favor of gojo and businessman Lukas Matsson. He appoints the CEO weistar To Tom Wambsgansknowing that character Matthew Macfadyen he will be faithful to him and carry out all his orders.

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“Sometimes I asked him to do a take in which he said – this was from the beginning of the series – remember that this can also be you,” he said. Armstrong about filming with an actor. “It was just to make sure I understood. [que es] an idiot who also has some kind of claw that he could take out at a certain moment,” he says. Finally, continuity it all ended with Roy’s family losing his father’s company.

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