In most of the saga Warren expedient, faith is an important element. Since the first of these religious horror films, the main characters have faced evil, embodied by demons of all stripes. Something obvious in Warren File: Enfield Casein which, in addition to the paranormal event that occupies the main demonologists, a frightening character is added. Valak (Bonnie Aarons) is an insidious creature with the appearance of a nun in robes. According to Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) is an evil spirit who is trying to prove her beliefs.

In 2018, the character got his own horror film, directed by Corin Hardy. It explored his origins and relationship with the Warrens. But this Nun 2, directed by Michael Chavez, which delves into the horrifying history surrounding this figure. More violent and connected to the main franchise than the previous one, it opens the door to a new type of genre: religious horror. The story delves into the ancient fear of losing Grace and the fear of Hell.

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If you are interested in this topic, we leave you with five religious horror films that will not disappoint you. A point of view that not only shows collective fears, but also analyzes rituals and beliefs as part of the supernatural. The result is several classics of the genre, which you will find on our list.

Infernal Possession: Awakening

Sam Raimi’s latest iteration of the religious horror film saga builds on the genre’s long legacy of cinema. Although the part directed by Lee Cronin has more to do with the fear of the unseen and the supernatural associated with demons. Actually, all the action begins when Danny (Morgan Davis) discovers a vault at the base of a destroyed building where he lives with his family.

A copy of the famous Necronomicon, part of the saga’s mythology and a collection of vinyl records. The voice of a priest is heard in them, explaining the origin of the horror they will experience, a failed experiment to summon the creatures that inhabit the book.

The script, which appeals to fears of prayers and ceremonies awakening all sorts of uncontrollable forces, is an ingenious combination of elements. On the one hand, this brings the saga closer to the younger generation. Evil Dead. On the other hand, a new version is proposed, designed to study the creatures on the screen. A mix that gives this religious horror film its best moments.

Averageasian religious horror

YouTube video

This Thai mockumentary explores the country’s beliefs and superstitions from a horror film perspective. Directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun, this is a meticulous recreation of an exorcism that is completely different from Catholicism. The plot follows a group of researchers as they delve into the history of a family with a long tradition of women able to communicate with the dead.

Each of them has the ability to be possessed by spirits without harm, giving themselves over to the worship of a local goddess of unknown origin. After her sister abandoned her role as family shaman, Kim (Savani Utoomma) accepted this and carried it out for over twenty years. This will be the starting point of this documentary about religious horror.

However, when his niece mink (Narilya Gulmongkolpe) begins to behave horribly, all beliefs Kim They will fall apart. Shot with a minimum of resources and through found footageThis horror film shows the perspective of the supernatural in the modern world. Its ambiguous ending contains a terrifying conclusion: there is no certainty in the supernatural.

Guardian of the Damned

YouTube video

Directed by Michael Winner, this classic religious horror film adapts Jeffrey Konwitz’s novel of the same name. Both works explore the secrets that a religious figure may be hiding. Especially when he comes into contact with entities that he cannot control.

Alison Parker (Christina Raines) is a young model who moves into an apartment in New York. From the first days, every day he encounters a strange priest who never talks to him. Likewise with the rest of his neighbors, men and women with a turbulent past and full of secrets.

What appears to be a supernatural horror story takes on a religious overtone as the script unravels its mystery. The mysterious priest becomes the victim and guardian of the fine line between what is real and what is hidden in hell.

Pray for us

YouTube video

This adaptation of the novel TempleJames Herbert examines the meaning of what we consider miraculous. This is a religious horror film that asks whether the most devout people ever wonder what a divine act is. An idea that director Evan Spiliotopoulos turns into a terrifying narrative.

The plot of this horror film is as follows. Alice (Cricket Brown), a young deaf-mute girl who experienced an alleged apparition of the Virgin Mary. The event attracts the attention of the crowd and begins to cause inexplicable healings. However, as events unfold, it becomes clear that something evil lurks behind the apparent divine presence. That’s when the journalist Jerry Fenn (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) takes on the investigation to uncover the truth, and it is he who must face the evil that lurks behind the sinister exploration of faith.

The film combines elements of religious horror, supernatural phenomena and mystery. Additionally, it explores the impact of faith and religion on society and the boundaries between the divine and the demonic.

vigila horror film set in Orthodox New York.

YouTube video

This religious horror film, written and directed by Keith Thomas, is based on Jewish folklore and its funeral rituals. The script is set in an orthodox section of Brooklyn, New York, which gives it a curious setting. The story follows Yakov Ronen (Dave Davis) who takes on the challenge of being traditional shomer. A sort of religious night watchman whose duty is to watch over the first night of a person’s death.

While the hours are ticking, Jacob He begins to experience strange events and confront supernatural forces that test his faith and sanity. This forces him to ask himself troubling questions about death and what awaits—or does not await—the human spirit after physical disappearance.

The plot delves into themes such as guilt, trauma and the struggle between blind faith and the power of the mind. How Jacob He faces his inner demons as well as the evil presence that haunts him in the house.

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