Right now, The United States is experiencing a major immigration crisis. There is a historical record of people entering the country illegally in different regions. That is why some states have approved strict measures against this practice. Texas has been making headlines lately, but Another city in Colorado that is not willing to accept undocumented immigrants.

Monument unanimously decided to confirm its status as a desecrated city, Because it is feared that immigrants will invade the region. In this context, district mayor Mitch LaKind said: Fox News:Our goal is to make it known that we will not accept busloads of immigrants into our society.. “The main reason for this is that we don’t have a budget and we’re not using taxpayer funds.”

The mayor assured Monument that there was no room for immigrants, so he warned that people who completed their assigned stay in Denver would not be well received there. The municipal administration and police officers will work to arrest these people and transfer them to other places.

And it’s worth remembering Currently, immigrant families can stay in shelters in Denver for forty-two days. Single persons can stay only fourteen days, after which time they usually seek accommodation in nearby cities; Monument is also one of the options.

In LaKind’s view, The situation has reached such a point that the Biden administration must close the border and engage in larger deportation efforts To prevent more undocumented immigrants from reaching the United States.

Monument’s decision is a response to the crisis experienced by the Mile High City, located about 40 miles away in Colorado. We face financial and humanitarian problems after having declared as a shelter for immigrants.

The situation forced Mayor Mike Johnston to warn of an impending tipping point. In dialogue with the above-mentioned media, The president emphasized that they need federal resources to confront the situation. In addition, He emphasized that people need work permits, So they can offer them greater security and support the region’s economy. In this sense, A call was made for support to ensure faster processing of asylum applications..

Source: Exame

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