Film Festival It’s finally back in cinemas across Spain. From October 2 to 5, viewers from all over the country will be able to purchase tickets at a very low price.

For the first time, without the need for prior accreditation, tickets can be purchased for just 3.50 euros. This is less than half the norm in many theatres, especially in large conglomerates in major capitals.

Moreover, in this Film Festival 2023 The billboard arrived very loaded with movies of all kinds. The public will be able to choose from horror films to sci-fi films, including highly original offerings from some of history’s greatest directors.

Very comprehensive catalog including titles such as successful Barbie And Oppenheimer. For families with children there is also the opportunity to star in films such as elementary And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Chaos. However, here we leave you with five more good suggestions to take advantage of this event.

Mystery in Venice

The first of our proposals for Film Festival It is created for lovers of detective films. Kenneth Branagh presents the third film about Hercules Poirot, the iconic detective created by Christy Agatha. On this occasion, the director is adapting a novel Apples, although it trades the elegant London style for the gothic and sinister Venetian style. Thus, the director mixes the detective genre with notes of horror cinema. Moreover, despite the fact that this is the third part of the saga, there is no need to watch the previous two, since they are independent and stand-alone stories.

IN Mystery in VenicePoirot lives in an Italian city after retiring from his job as a detective. However, a writer friend invites him to an all-night party at the palazzo. There they will attend a séance to try to uncover the true causes of a death that occurred many years ago. Although the protagonist is reluctant to participate in what he considers an absurd scam, he soon finds himself involved in a case more complex than he thought.


The second proposal we leave for your consideration Film Festival aimed at fans of science fiction. Creator This is an original story from the director. Gareth Edwards (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story). With only $80 million, the director managed to make a film that resembles a great blockbuster. First of all, it stands out for its very rich and deep world and impeccable aesthetics with extraordinary special effects. Moreover, its topic is very relevant.

In a near post-apocalyptic future, the United States is waging war against artificially intelligent robots that roam freely across Asia. Joshua, a soldier, is tasked with finding the AI’s ultimate weapon and destroying it and its mysterious Creator. But, having found a dangerous weapon, he discovers that it is just a robot girl. Moral dilemmas will begin to arise in Joshua’s mind as the situation becomes more critical.

Saw X

If what you’re looking for is Film Festival This is some kind of pure bloody horror saga Saw arrived to save the day. The tenth film in the franchise returns almost to its roots. Saw X The story takes place between the first and second parts and focuses on the murderous John Kramer, one of the worst killers in history. The character he plays Tobin Bell returns once again to take the reins of a revenge story that generally convinced critics and audiences in its early days on the billboard.

Plot Saw X shows Kramer, nicknamed Jigsaw, in the last years of his life. He is very sick due to advanced cancer, so he decides to undergo an experimental treatment. But soon after, he discovers that it was all a scam to get money and deceive vulnerable people. Very angry, he decides to return to what he does best – the most sadistic torture possible. A real lesson for those who dared to laugh at him and his misfortune.

close your eyes

close your eyes

Not all will be great international films. In Spain Film Festival arrived marked by one of our best directors, Victor Erice. Author of works as important as Hive Spirit And South returns 30 years after his last feature film. He does this with close your eyes, a film that many considered his farewell, a cinematic testament of sorts. In recent Festival of San Sebastian, where he was awarded the Donostia Prize, he himself rejected this position. Perhaps this landmark film is the start of his long-awaited comeback rather than a nostalgic last dance.

IN close your eyes, Erice He tells a story that repeats some themes from his past, although he adds new nuances. Famous actor Julio Arenas disappears during filming. The police determined that he had suffered an accident on the seashore, although his body was never found. Years later, a television program uncovers the case by showing for the first time images of the final scenes Arenas filmed. All of them were recorded by his director and great friend Miguel Garay.


Monster Film Festival

Those who want to take advantage Film Festival To take your cinephilia out for a walk, you have some very interesting alternatives. Besides the film Erice or new from Woody Allen (Luck), especially the main points Monsterfrom a Japanese master Hirokazu Koreeda. Past Best Screenplay Award Winner Cannes Film FestivalThe film marks the director’s return to his country after five years.

A mother begins to notice that her son Minato is behaving strangely and very unusually. This behavior escalates and the mother discovers that one of her teachers is the culprit. Therefore, he decides to break into the school and demand an explanation for what is happening. But thanks to the vision of the three main characters, the truth is gradually revealed.

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