Kamala Khan has just made her Disney+ debut to be the latest superhero in the Marvel Film Factory alongside Ms. Marvel. Played by newcomer Iman Vellani, this character is emblematic of an ingenious journey through the saga’s cinematic universe. It not only shows what is happening in a world that has experienced a surge. Particular attention is paid to the generation that grew up against the backdrop of alien invasions and the emergence of superheroes.

Result a bold combination of rhythm and storyline that gives the production one of the personalities the most specific of the Marvel series. Much more so when the strength of the program is its central character. Kamala, a 16-year-old Pakistani-American superhero, is one of the publisher’s most popular characters. Also one of the most important heroic figures in the new generation, belonging to the new generation.

Kamala is the starting point for a revolution in tone and theme that allowed Marvel to break new ground. Also the growth of the publishing house towards bolder themes aimed at a much younger audience and with different sensitivities. mrs marvel it was the first real attempt to create a heroine who could also be an ordinary girl. From the same point of view as Stan Lee on spider man, Kamala is a version of adolescence under extraordinary circumstances. One who has a specific ethnic background and deals with everyday problems.

How to adapt a story based on the sensual and emotional? Even more difficult: how to create a context that allows you to understand how a young superhero perceives himself? Ms Marvel did it and found a way to celebrate the best of his original on paper. Which makes the series a bit of a pop curiosity. But when does he refer to his original in the comic? We leave you with six essential things you should know before watching the series in order to understand its importance. Or, equivalently, the enthusiasm generated by this young woman who rides a bike and listens to a podcast Ant-Man.

Heroine of the new generation

Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel came to comics in Ms. Marvel #1, released in 2013. Its authors J. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alfona, Jamie McKelvey and Sana Amanat wanted to create a superhero based on the idea of ​​an ordinary girl.

Indeed, the general premise is very similar to that Spiderman at least in the idea of ​​a character’s duality. On the one hand, we are talking about an ordinary teenager whose life changes dramatically when she gains strength. On the other hand, it is also a reflection on power, its scope and the way in which the concept of its transcendence is understood. Curious data? Kamala is the first Muslim Marvel heroine.

Unexpected Hero Power

In the comic, Kamala’s power comes from the so-called Terrigen Mist, a mutagenic substance associated with the history of the Inhumans. exposed to the substance Kamala’s DNA is eventually changed to give her extraordinary shape-shifting abilities.. In the series, Kamala’s power is explored in different ways, although it results in the same feature.

To put Ms. Marvel in context: The Terrigen Mist was accidentally created by scientist Randack. After discovering Terrigen, a mineral created by the Kree, on the surface of the moon, he set out to test its potential uses. In fact, he spent a lot of time delving into the properties of matter, trying to understand its capabilities. But in one of the tests, where he mixed them with water, he created the Terrigen Mists. In fact, he was the first Inhuman to face her.

According to Marvel mythology, the substance was tested on humans and a race of non-humans was created. Kamala’s powers in the comic are the fruit of her direct contact with the Terrigen Mist. On top of all the unintended consequences it had on his body.

Why the name Ms Marvel?

At the beginning of her story (both in the series and in the comics), Kamala is a high school student from Jersey City, New Jersey. You have no special powers and you belong to a conservative family. She is also an avid fan of the Avengers. But the character’s favorite heroine is undoubtedly Captain Marvel. The comic focuses on her fascination with the superheroine and especially her admiration for her powers.

And it is for this reason that, after gaining special powers, she ends up christening herself as Ms. Marvel. This is not just a tribute to a beloved heroic figure. In addition, it is a confirmation of what he considers the high point of figures with extraordinary powers.

Where in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the Ms. Marvel series?

Ms. Marvel does not directly indicate (yet) the moment when the events that the story will be about will take place. In fact, producer Sana Amanat commented to The Direct that there is no clear chronological point. Or at least not right away. “I think that at the moment we have not officially specified how many years have passed since Avengers: Endgame. I feel like it’s been a year or two since the events of this movie.”

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From what was seen in the first two chapters, the series occurs at a relative chronological distance from the point. So much so that the world restores a certain order. In some scenes, tributes are still being paid to the memory of Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff. So it is likely that the events described may occur after Hawkeye and very close to Spiderman: No Way Home.

Ms Marvel to replace Captain Marvel?

So far, it’s clear that Captain Marvel is just an inspiration for Kamala, so the big question is whether Carol Danvers will appear in Ms. Marvel. Due to the very different nature of Kamala’s abilities and the relevance of the character played by Brie Larson, one is unlikely to replace the other. What is likely to happen is that the two interact and Danvers becomes the newborn heroine’s mentor.

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