fall out This is one of the most anticipated series based on video games by the public. and finally there is a confirmed release date. We already knew that the Amazon Prime Video original series would release sometime in 2024, but luckily we now have more definitive information about it.

Amazon and Bethesda confirmed in a short video posted on social media that the series fall out debut will take place April 12 next year. Details about this project are still very scarce as the official trailer hasn’t even been released yet.

Despite this, expectations are around fall out it’s huge. In August, we learned that the series, although it would follow the canon established in the games, would be an original story. Something that has been speculated since the first images appeared, taking place in a hitherto unknown location. Vault 33located in Los Angeles, California.

Bethesda and Amazon couldn’t have chosen a more significant day to announce the series’ premiere. fall out. After all, October 23 is known to fans as Day fall outbecause it is on this day, but in 2077, when a nuclear holocaust breaks out, triggering the events of the popular franchise.

fall outone of Amazon Prime Video’s big bets for 2024.

Now that we know the setting fall out and the date of its release, It is logical to think that the next step would be to reveal some teaser or trailer. Of course, when this might happen still remains a mystery.

It’s also very interesting that this new Amazon Prime Video original series is generating so much anticipation beyond the fanaticism that exists for Bethesda games. While we already have the first official look and some leaked images of cover and power armor, previews have been very limited.

In fact, at the recent Gamescom 2023, Bethesda showed a preview fall out for those attending an exclusive demo star field. This took the public by surprise, who were lucky enough to get an early glimpse of what would happen next year. It’s worth noting that Todd Howard, the study’s director, said at the time that there was no intention of releasing the clip publicly.

In the video in question, a woman leaves Vault 33 for the first time. In the same way, an armed confrontation against a mutant in a cowboy hat and a group of Brotherhood of Steel soldiers would be shown.

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