The San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) has grown with the appearance of the city’s supervisory board with the detection of the spread of service robots to detect in case of detection of cases of cops.

According to the local publication Mission Local, this proposal caused a very mixed reaction from the council. initially, the use of robots to attack “against any person” was not allowed, but later the head of the council, Aaron Peskin, was forced to declare the possibility of a lethal attack scenario when there is no other way out.

Today, 12 remote-controlled robots “serve” in the SFDS, designed mainly to neutralize sighing. However, Dallas cops six years ago used robots, on the contrary, to install them. Sapper detection cases often occur with non-combat charges to destroy explosive devices, although nothing prevents, if necessary, to replace them with live ones.

While in San Francisco it is being decided whether their “robocops” can shoot to kill, for decades it has been stuffed to the eyeballs with an autonomous fatal case – for example, anti-personnel mines or ship-based anti-aircraft artillery systems, like the Mark 15 Phalanx (USA).

Apparently, “licenses to die” to robots will be issued by the same department of the SFPD, which today often becomes unexpectedly undesirable investigations for “use of amplification” in the United States stupid.”

Source: Tech Cult

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