Sequel development joker still on wheels. Last message from director Todd Phillips, which via Instagram revealed the film’s script, is another nod to a production that is already generating anticipation. It should be remembered that the first part became an event in the film industry when it was presented in 2019.

A viewer accustomed to the appearance of the Joker in film production and animated content from Batman, found their own bat-independent story in the film, with a number of noteworthy aspects. It was no longer a thrilling action movie, but a much more complex psychological story.

This adaptation was accompanied by a remarkable staging and outstanding performance Joaquin Phoenix. Without Batman inside joker, the brunt of the story fell on a character who presided over a story that inspired many readings, entertained, and perhaps even changed things about the superhero genre adapted to film. Based on this context, its second part will come out.

Joker in pop culture

Perhaps the most famous villain in pop culture is Darth Vader. If this is taken for granted, given the character’s extensive on-screen and off-screen tradition, then further debate ceases. But, if you look a little further, there is a figure that can balance that out: the Joker.

Part of that reputation stems from his main adversary, Batman, who can also be seen as pop culture’s greatest superhero. A guy who doesn’t have any special skills but rather intelligence and money so he can match anyone trying to save money. Gotham City.

The main villain that faces him, the Joker, is his equal because he represents his opposite. A conflict that is read not only in practice, with the city as a practical situation. But in terms of ideas both represent an ethical and moral clash that enriches their rivalry.

The Importance of Personal History

The Joker can balance Batman ethically and morally because he has a rich and varied complexity. The presentation made Heather Ledger It serves as a backdrop for what has already been mentioned. A character who dares to question criminal blocks; who do not pursue the same as they; who thinks of his disastrous work as a series of actions that will have a specific purpose within a series of consequences and readings.

This aspect, the symbolic ability and action of the character, and what joker explored the character’s origin story are key to understanding the impact of the first film dedicated solely to the character. It also serves to measure the value of the second part: the villain allows for so many readings and possibilities that he needs a story independent of Batman.

One of the possible sensations after seeing joker it’s empathy for a terrifying character. Spectators approach evil. It’s part of the stakes of cinema and corners of being human: different states cross paths over the course of a lifetime, and sometimes the details affect the journey too much.

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The above is just an example of a character’s potential. Not being in the shadow of Batman and not depending on what he can contribute to the story, it’s conveniently better to use all the background that the Joker offers. It is intuitively clear that at some point they will intersect. But while this is happening, it would be nice to continue exploring the layers of the complex, intimidating character positioned as one of the most important icons in modern pop music.

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