Without a doubt, 2023 will be remembered for the phenomenon Barbenheimer​. And also because of the partial decline of superhero franchises and the return of the most famous directors to the big screen. But at the same time, for actively participating in releases that expand universes and mythologies, especially on Disney+.

Not only the beloved sagas of popular culture, but at the same time all kinds of stories spanning several genres. In a slow and curious evolution, content across platforms has led to the exploration of new characters. In addition to narratives that complement the core experience of the franchise.

As a result, subscription services have proven to be ideal for immersing yourself in an entire journey into the unexpected settings of your favorite films. From series that feature other versions of popular characters to stories that carefully link narratives on the big screen. In 2023, the sagas have become more complex and provide unprecedented opportunities for experimentation. This has allowed several streaming catalogs to capitalize on unreleased content targeting specific audiences.

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We recommend five TV series that were released this year or hit the small screen as continuations of their stories. From a Norse god’s journey for redemption to the enchanting adventures of the superhero franchise’s titular creature. The collection is the best way to understand the latest and most popular arguments in the world of entertainment.

Loki (season two), big premiere at Disney+

The Norse god, played by Tom Hiddleston, survived death. Marvel Cinematic Universeonly to become one of its central figures. Now, in the middle of a redemption arc, he must not only face the dangers of the multiverse; but also a villain with hundreds of different faces.

Loki, the saga’s most charismatic anti-hero, became more important and complex as he ceased being a flashy supporting character and became the protagonist. Everything in the series that bears his name and tells the story of the most unlikely figure in the world of superheroes from the House of Ideas is designed to save reality.

The production’s first season premiered in 2021 and was a ratings success. At the same time, one of the critics considered this story one of the best in the superhero saga. But it is in the second part that the plot reveals itself from its best side. Especially in the way he delves into the nuances of his hero and his glorious destiny. This time save all possible realities from the tyrant.


Ahsoka Tano

The classic Star Wars animated character has already made the jump to Earth. live action V The Mandalorian. But it was the series that bears his name – with all the chapters written by its creator Dave Filoni – that showed off his full potential. In particular, on use the Jedi, played by Rosario Dawson, as a bridge between several interconnected stories in the franchise.

From Star Wars: The Clone Wars To Star Wars Rebels. Even the original trilogies and the literary canon. The plot managed to subtly mix different stories and build a new chapter that stands out your commitment to be true to the spirit Space OperaOh, this is transcendence.

But this is growth Ahsoka which stands out among the other undoubted merits of the argument. Particularly showing the moral debates and gray areas that turned the Togruta into a showcase how Star Wars can evolve and evolve. His greatest attribute.

Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion, a Marvel series inspired by spy films.

Full of problems, with several rewrites and reshoots of the script, filmed in the midst of a pandemic and with a conflict that was never fully developed. secret invasion This isn’t even remotely the best Marvel has to offer. However, despite its missteps, including a controversial AI-generated intro, the series gives Nick Fury a new place.

He is once again played by Samuel L. Jackson, the most dangerous spy in the world of the House of Ideas, and reveals his nuances and ethical issues for the first time. Which involves a secret marriage, disputes over loyalties and, ultimately, a galactic union that, This will undoubtedly have an impact on the future of the publisher’s cinematic universe.

In general, the project left behind an interesting legacy: its events intersect with Miracles, the next premiere of the saga. Will the film live up to its critically panned production? We will have to wait


Writer R.L. Stine’s spooky saga comes to Disney+ as a series of ten weekly episodes, bringing together the best of the literary original. The episodes, based on several of the author’s best-selling books, focus on five main characters as they try to figure out what happened to Harold Biddle. The latter is a teenager who died under unclear circumstances and ultimately became an unsolved mystery.

As the investigation progresses, the story showcases the best works of an author known for his ability to create a sinister yet satirical atmosphere. Thus, each chapter focuses on a different character and how he confronts the supernatural either skillfully or through understanding its origins.

With a script that can keep its secrets and sober and thoughtful visuals, the series is perfect for those who are drawn to horror but don’t want to experience the horror. This is an unusual combination of this nature.

I am Groot (season two)

The smallest member of the Guardians of the Galaxy team, he’s also the cutest and perfect for telling stories outside of the Milanese ship. The result of the plan was one of the best animated series from the Marvel factory. Especially for combining the essence of one of the most popular series with a fresh story created specifically for the small screen.

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Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel) is not only the hero of his small world. And also a completely new collection of adventures that reveal his character and his point of view on the world. The most interesting? This story is part of the franchise’s canon. so it’s more than likely that we’ll see the character grow in his own narrative.

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