There have been rumors for several months now that Marvel Studios secretly developing Thor 5. Alleged new God of Thunder movie Chris Hemsworth This was not officially announced. But it became clear that Taika Waititi will not be held responsible if this finally happens. He confirmed this himself, stating that he currently does not have any projects with Marvel.

In an interview provided Business InsiderOscar-winning New Zealand director announces he will not direct Thor 5. Moreover, he doesn’t even know if it’s true that the film will be made. “I don’t know if this is even true. But I know for sure that I will not participate in this.”, explains Waititi. However, the reasons are not what some fans might expect. Despite the bad reception Thor: Love and Thunderthe reason why the director will not continue with this character is because he has other films on his hands.

“I’m going to focus on the other films I’ve signed up for,” he explains. One of them will be a comic book adaptation. Incalfrom Alejandro Jodorowsky. Another long-awaited one will be his universal film. star Wars, about which there is still almost no news. “It’s still marinating. I’m writing this,” he says. Finally, there is his most inevitable film, an adaptation of the novel. Clara and the SunFrom the author Kazuo IshiguroNobel Prize laureate 2017.

The plot of the film centers on Clara, an “Artificial Friend”, that is, a robot designed to avoid feelings of loneliness and anxiety in people, especially children and teenagers. A story that, added to other projects, will preserve Taika Waititi busy without being able to complete Thor 5. “I’m going to spend six or seven years on this. I think the new Thor movie will come out much sooner,” he muses.

Without Thor 5but with the door open Marvel

Thor: Love and Thunder Jennifer Keitin Robinson Marvel |  Without Thor 5, but with the door open to Marvel
Marvel Studios

Taika Waititi and Marvel Their paths crossed for the first time in Thor: Ragnarok. The third part of Son of Odin was an absolute success. The balance between epicness and humor elevated the film to the top of the MCU. Something significant considering the first two Thor films weren’t very enjoyable. But then it came Love and Thunder, which once again disappointed the audience. Despite everything, it seems that this separation was amicable.

“I love Marvel, I like working with them. and I love Chris“, the director clarifies. “I would never feel that I was being deceived. We have an open relationship and they seem to want to see other people, I’m happy about that. “One day I’ll still sleep with them,” he says. Waititi between laughter. Therefore, everything indicates that he will not lead Thor 5but it is possible that the company plans to use it in the medium or long term for other films or TV series.

Thor 5 This would mark the end of the stage not only for the director, but also for his protagonist. Chris Hemsworth’s comments in a recent magazine interview Vanity Fair has caused a lot of speculation about what it might be his final appearance as the God of Thunder in Marvel.

“I feel like it’s time for us to finish the book. [de la historia del personaje] If I act like Thor again. […] I feel like this will be the end, but I’m not saying that based on what anyone told me. [en Marvel], nor on the basis of any plan. You have the beginning of the hero, his journey, and then his death. And I don’t know, maybe I’m at the final stage? “Who knows,” said the Australian.

WITH Thor 5 very early in production, but with confirmation that Taika Waititi will not be involved, It has not yet been announced who may lead the leadership..

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