It’s easy to criticize superhero movies these days. The fall of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, coupled with DC’s constant failures, has given detractors ample ammunition to defend their opinions. Although many believe that it’s time for the genre to take a break, Christopher Nolanone of the most respected and recognized filmmakers of our time, believes that franchises blockbusters They are much needed in the film industry..

Most of Christopher Nolan’s career has been characterized by primarily original films that have not gone beyond one title, with the exception of The Dark Knight, Certainly-. However, the Briton believes that franchises that aim to offer us multiple feature films over the years They are what keeps Hollywood economically healthy..

Okay, they may have slumps in terms of storytelling and quality, as is happening now with superhero films. However, integrating widely popular stories or characters is enough to attract a large audience. And therefore, in many cases, they generate huge income.

This monetary source, according to Christopher Nolan in an interview with the publication APnot only supports thousands of jobs in this sector, but also gives rise to many other films. You are a great example.

“In Hollywood, there is always a balance between acclaimed series that can bring back audiences and give people more of what they want. It has always been an important part of Hollywood’s economy, and it allows it to pay for the production and distribution of many other films. types of films.”

Christopher Nolan.

Superhero movies are necessary, but they shouldn’t be overused.

Although Christopher Nolan does not agree with the termination blockbusters superheroes if you feel like it create balance between original films and franchise films. The director claims that viewers are interested not only in delving into already known stories, but also in learning about new proposals.

“You always need to respect the audience’s desire for something new. Honestly, one of the greatest thrills of going to the movies is seeing a trailer for a movie you’ve never heard of or a movie you haven’t seen. A healthy Hollywood ecosystem is a balance between the two, and always will be.”

Christopher Nolan.

Christopher Nolan’s words are undoubtedly better thought out than those of other directors who attack superhero films at every opportunity. We cannot forget that in the past such important figures as Martin Scorsese or Quentin Tarantino They criticized Marvel’s feature films. The second even went so far as to say that his actors were not movie stars.

We may or may not agree with his statements, but what is not up for debate is that these projects, as Christopher Nolan explains, help finance many more films. They are the key to Hollywood’s survival in the current era. What happens if the Marvel Cinematic Universe flops at the box office again and again? The alarm will go off there. Not just at Marvel Studios, but across all of Disney.

Source: Hiper Textual

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