IN Wonka Paul King’s main character (played by Timothée Chalamet) is a young man with a single goal. Make the best chocolate in the world and also deliver it to all the sweet lovers around the planet. To convey such a premise, the director (of Paddington saga fame) spends a lot of time showcasing the character’s unusual behavior and ingenuity. The works of Roald Dahl come to life on stage in celebration of his imagination, and to explore the literary Willie and those around him.

This is not a random idea. In recent decades, films exploring idiosyncratic characters and unusual behavior have become an important part of cinema. From the horror genre to existentialist reflections on dreams. The truth is that stories about intriguing figures make it easy for us to delve deeper into universes, worlds and mythologies. This makes them ideal for giving new impetus to franchises and sagas, which seems to be what happened with Wonka.

In honor of its premiere, we leave you with five films with unusual characters that you can see right now in cinemas and online streaming. From a creature created through the most ruthless experiment to a well-meaning demon who loves cats. The selection includes several films from this year and some films from the decade. All of them are united by one element: amazing personalities who have already entered the history of cinema.

poor creatures

Yorgos Lanthimos’ version of Frankenstein couldn’t be more creepy, moving and grotesque. All at once. Moreover, its main character, Bella Baxter (Emma Stone is close to winning her second Oscar)is the result of an unthinkable experiment.

A woman’s body and a fetus’s brain are a sinister mixture. At the same time, a full lifestyle. Which makes him a strange creature, unique in the world and with a long way to go.

It is this journey, which takes him around the world and back to Victorian London, that will allow him to understand the meaning of his existence. Also, discover the secret hidden beneath its smoky robes and the silence of its creator.

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Bo is scared

Bo is scared.  Wonka

Ari Aster’s third film is also the most personal and unique in his cinematic repertoire. The story of Bo (Joaquin Phoenix) begins at the moment of his birth and continues throughout his life, filled with fears and disappointments. But what feels like a story about loneliness and modern anxiety about changegets ugly quickly.

Likewise, this does Bo a character between tragedy and the macabre needs to be heard and understood, and this is never satisfied. The film becomes increasingly unusual as it shows Bo trying to navigate the everyday world outside of the battlefield. The director creates a nightmarish environment that turns his character into a tragic hero in the midst of trauma. turned into monsters with huge jaws.

In its disheartening ending, the script, also written by Astaire, turns Bo into a victim of himself. Halfway between a horror diary and a look at the absurd, Without a doubt, the Phoenix character is one of the most distinctive this year.

Dream scenario


How could it be otherwise, on the list of strange characters no shortage of one, embodied by Nicolas Cage. The actor had a collection of dark and surreal figures this year, but none of them compared to his Paul Matthews V Dream scenario. The film by Kristoffer Borgli tells the story of a university professor who… Without knowing the reason, it begins to appear in the dreams of every sleeper on the planet.

At first, Paul is both delighted and puzzled by his sudden fame. But things get even worse when it also becomes part of the world’s worst dreams. This will lead him to become an outcast and expose the darkest aspects of his character. While everything is happening, those around them begin to recognize the evil Pavel. A gloomy and desperate figure who will carry his story –and the dreams in which he plays the main role are in a dark dimension with a shocking ending.


Renfield, reimagining the vampire films.  Wonka

To no one’s surprise, Christopher McKay’s I. features Nicolas Cage as the most extravagant Dracula of the last decade. But what’s new is that he’s not actually the most unique figure in the debate. In fact, the same applies to the titular Renfield, played by Nicholas Hoult. in another of his charming monster roles, of which he already has quite a few.

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But Renfield Something essential distinguishes him: he is going to discover good and evil through therapy. Ironically, the script uses allegory to delve deeper into pain and grief as a collective event. However, in the end, the film abandons the interesting vein and continues its joke about the worst job in the world that goes on forever. Something that certainly doesn’t compare to another character from Bram Stoker’s story.

Despite the disappointing reviews, Renfield is one of the most unique additions to the collection of strange movie characters. And, of course, the same applies to Dracula, whom he serves, with his green skin and dramatic flair. Nicolas Cage in his purest form.



The works of Mike Mignola were shown twice in films, but the most memorable, without a doubt, was the duology of Guillermo del Toro. The character starring Ron Perlman appears from the pages of comic books as a sullen, grumpy and not always peaceful hero. But in addition, the actor gives him a frantic vitality that turns him into a creature of peculiar nobility, full of nuances.

And this despite the cut off horns and reddened skin. But this demon who doesn’t want to be has more important things to do than destroy the world. Like, for example, the conquest of Liz (Selma Blair) or the fascination with cat nightlife.Brutal and constantly angry, he is undoubtedly one of the greatest characters dedicated to the weird in cinema.

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