Closing of the first volume of the final season weird things left open the possibility that Nancy Wheelerinterpreted Natalia Dyer, become one of Vecna’s victims. This figure of the underworld is embodied Number onealso known as Henry Krell. This character played Jamie Campbell Bowerhaunts his teenage victims through their own memories.

The denouement exposes Nancy Wheeler, who is being held in the underworld while her friends, on the other hand, try to turn their backs on her. Meanwhile, Vecna ​​shows him a pivotal moment in Wheeler’s life, moving on to the circumstance and presenting herself as some kind of judge. I saw what was seen in the achievements on weird things, the character is shown in moments not yet seen in the Netflix series. It is clear that she will overcome this moment.

Details on how you will do it. The immediate background of Vecna’s victims is Max Mayfield, played by Sadie Sink. When a villain tries to take her life, her comrades use their favorite song to connect the worlds, open the door so her soul can escape from the underworld. In their case, they used a cassette player with the theme “Running Up That Hill”.

weird things: Nancy’s Saving Theory

This last mention may be the clearest way for Nancy Wheeler to get over her current moment. Find your favorite song and do your best so that you can listen to it. Here is a new circumstance: how do i get her to hear it?if there are no cassettes and players, you will have to look for another way. All this happens in the trailer for Eddie Munson.

In this context ScreenRant it focuses on this character, Eddie Munson, who could have had a guitar in place. During the trailer for the fourth season weird things, Munson can be seen playing the instrument on what appears to be the top of something. Is this the way to save Nancy? If so, one detail is missing: Nancy’s favorite song. Someone who might have the key to this door Robin Buckleyinterpreted Maya Ray Thurman-Hawkewho, during one of the chapters, took some tapes from Nancy’s room.

While this could lead to the solution presented earlier, it would make sense that in a series where music plays such a defining role in its inner language, it is a resource to stand against evil. From the first season to the present, music in weird things This was one of the most famous aspects. The narrative, set in the 80s, brought back several modern hits and introduced new generations to a musical time that might seem far away.

Source: Hiper Textual

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