Apple Watch Pro will have special straps and globes for extreme athletes

The Apple Watch Pro will be one of the novelties of tomorrow’s event, and one of the new leaks is talking about new faces and straps.

By Eduardo Savín on Apple Watch

Tomorrow is Apple’s main event, where the company will present the new iPhones, the next generation Apple Watch, and some other news. In this case, new leaks it has to do with apple watchwhere to add a new member to the family.

In this case it would be the Apple Watch Profocused on extreme athletes. Leaks suggest that this new device will feature new special globes and straps that are very similar to Nike or Hérmes versions.

Special globes and straps that the Apple Watch Pro will have

Mark Gurman on Twitter, noted that the possible Apple Watch Pro will have special areas with the necessary tracking functions for extreme athletes. Moreover, these will be special straps designed to withstand the pace of people’s activity.

Apple Watch Pro Straps

Apple Watch Pro straps will be different and very durable

This is not shown in the CAD drawings, but the new strap set for the Apple Watch Pro will be quite extensive and play on the extreme sports theme. There will also be data-rich areas for fitness measurements for extreme athletes.

It’s not very clear what these new belts will look like or look like. The style Apple will use to sell themhowever, a case very similar to Nike’s, specially designed for sports, but much more resistant to cold, shocks and even speed is expected.

Apple Watch Pro will be one of Apple’s innovations for tomorrow, but Gürman does not expect major changes in design. Instead, this new wearable for extreme sports is thought to have comfort functions for this type of wearer.

There are a few things I’d like to point out about the design of the Apple Watch Pro: there are no straight edges (round like the Series 7), and the new button on the left can probably be programmed to do anything you want (e.g. an app, function, or custom tutorial).

luckily tomorrow we will be able to find out if this leak is realWe will cover it all throughout the event.

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