In the first episode Ms. Marvel from Disney + Kamala (Iman Vellani) showed her life and the drastic changes she will face. In the second chapter of the Marvel series, the journey through the character’s life becomes deeper and less allegorical. But just like in her first appearance, Kamala is not a hero, much less she is unaware of power.

Actually, she’s a teenager with a secret to keep. This small nuance completely changes the plot and how Marvel has delved into its characters so far. In true Peter Parker style, Kamala must now grasp the true scope of what just happened at AvengersCon.

Where does the power you just discovered come from? What should happen now? Kamala looks at the possibility of heroism the same way Peter Parker does. But still very young Spiderman having tested her wall-climbing abilities and the extent of her physical strength, Kamala must understand what that means.

Second chapter Ms. Marvel this plays a role in how Kamala’s admiration for Captain Marvel will play a key role. Not only in how he accepts his enhanced personality, but also in what he will do in the future. Just like the comic Kamala has to decide where to go., now that there is the possibility of heroism. And it will be the character played by Brie Larson that supports this search. One that will make it more elaborate, complex and emotional.

Ms Marvel and the Quest for Purpose

Unlike most Marvel heroes, Kamala is an ordinary woman. He is not an exceptional being or a narcissistic millionaire who finds a purpose for the use of power. One of the highlights of the second episode is the strengthening of the ideas of the first. Make it clear that Kamala she is a normal teenager about capricious parents, weddings and culture that pushes.

The bracelet that gives him powers is not a fundamental change that he has to hide. To Ms. Marvel pushes the character—and their imagination—to look for answers. And that’s when Marvel turns its world, carefully built from twenty films, into a multi-presence. If the first chapter shows what it is like to be young in a world where the heroes are celebrities and ideals, then the second chapter shows the space of secrets. And again, Ms. Marvel appeals to the idea that this is a scenario with mysterious events that occur from time to time. Greatness and general importance. So much so that life cannot be normal, let alone alien to phenomena.

The script delicately intertwines the outbreak, the rebuilding of the world from the ashes, and the generation that was born in the midst of such change. Already Hawkeye showed how popular culture reacted to the Battle for Earth. Trilogy Spiderman John Watts the meaning of the extraordinary as part of the world. But Ms. Marvel shows everyday life, goes to the streets, to the temples of prayer. In the corridors of schools, so that science turns into a simple attempt to explain mysterious phenomena.

Life is easier with superpowers, right?

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Kamala makes it clear that this new superhero will have to walk the path alone. Doing this while dealing with an overprotective family, a paranoid world, and a sense of danger. Where does the power of Kamala come from? Ms. Marvel Now he is exploring his family roots, how he got a bracelet that can split reality in two. But at the same time, he shows on colored paper and in the brilliant performance of Vellani the fact of power as something concrete. And that leaves open the possibility that this power – this unlimited reach – will become a point of contention in the future. Do not pick up, use or display.

Kamala is faced with her most cherished dream and discovers that actually dreaming heroically is much more difficult than being. And this paradox is faced by the character, stunned, blinded, and ultimately frightened by the novelty of the ability. Just like Peter Parker from homecoming or Far from home, Kamala internalizes the idea of ​​power as a door to the unknown.

Teenage dilemmas of a rising superhero

But Kamala is still attached to her life. The confrontation with his parents brings new restrictions and a new dimension to the weight of his family. If in the comics Kamala’s identity as a Muslim woman is of interest, then in Ms. Marvel this is the point of loving reverence.

The series plays with the inevitable self-discovery, as opposed to culture constraint. But not in the tone of a tax connection, but in a firm belief that Kamala’s personality must also be adapted to power. At the same time, a newborn superhero who is being closely watched. The mysterious nameless organization suddenly became very interested Ms. Marvel. But there is still no clear indication as to whether they are anything more than vigilantes or maybe a standoff at the gate.

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For the second episode, the presentation of the religion and culture of Kamala is of considerable interest. But also the notion that being a hero It has nothing to do with radioactive spiders, money or magic.. Kamala, bracelet in hand and looking for her story, starts a new place in Marvel. And one, after more than twenty films, is to be commended.

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