Sennheiser is expanding its Momentum headphone lineup with the Momentum 4 this year and has reported us the first specs of this on-ear model. Number four, for example, should provide advanced adaptive noise canceling, is housed in a new design, and promises 60 hours of battery life.

According to Sennheiser, the 42mm transducer system should ensure good dynamics and clarity, while the curved speakers should ensure sound is transmitted slightly from the front to your ears. According to the producer, the latter should provide a more natural sounding image. Advanced audio recording, on the other hand, should provide optimized conversations and easy access to voice assistants.

While the Momentum 4 Wireless offers a variety of sound customization options, the new lightweight design needs to be optimized for good acoustic performance. Deeply padded ear cushions (artificial leather) should ensure long-term wearing comfort and solid ANC performance.

​Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless will be available worldwide from August 2022.​ ​

Source: Sennheiser

Source: Hardware Info

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