In 1975, the novel Shogun writer James Clavell created a sensation. The story, which explores medieval Japan with its political and power intrigues, is an in-depth look into a little-known historical period. Moreover, when the writer added a Western point of view, as well as: a tragic novel that made the book beloved by readers all over the world.

Its adaptation occurred five years later. Shogun (first a miniseries and then a film) was released in 1980. The play, which more or less accurately adapted the plot of the book, was a success with critics and the public.

In particular, the plot centered on the romance between the British John (Richard Chamberlain) and the aristocrat Mariko Buntaro-Toda (Yoko Shimada). Which gave the story a certain atmosphere of a love story with a touch of real chronicle that captivated the audience.

But his 2024 version returns to the original text. In fact, he adapts it with a detailed precision that sets it apart from the 1980 version. A team of writers led by Shannon Goss, Rachel Condo, Matt Lambert and Justin Marks delved not only into the book’s history, but also into its context. what surrounds him. The result is a brilliant vision of Asia in the Middle Ages, its complex culture and ways of struggling for power.

Shogun is a new Disney+ series that takes you back to feudal Japan.

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What is Shogun on Disney+ about?

The action takes place in 17th century Japan. The plot tells the story of British navigator John Blackthorne. In fiction, a sailor runs aground on the shore of a disputed territory. So, amidst a series of political decisions, he ends up becoming a samurai. At the same time, this becomes part of the strategy of Lord Toragana, who is trying to conquer the power of the shogunate and counter the opposition of the other clans.

The story, like the book on which it is based, delves into the real-life adventures of sailor Williams Adams. This was considered the first Briton to cross the sea to reach Asia and more, to integrate into Japanese culture. Author James Clavell later used the most striking parts of his adventure to write the book Shogun.

Talent of historical classics

The series, executive produced by Justin Marks and Rachel Condo, stars Cosmo Jarvis (Peaky Blinders) as John, plus Hiroyuki Sanada (John Wick 4) as Lord Toragana. In addition, the cast includes several familiar faces to film and television fans, ranging from Tadanobu Asano (Thor), Anna Sawai (Ninja Assassin) Yuki Kedōinu from Naked director.

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