WITH X-Men ’97arrival of mutants in Marvel Cinematic Universe it’s official. As such, the first season opens up the possibility of exploring the traditional settings and characters of the saga, which may come to the big screen at some point in the coming years. Plus, to pay homage to one of Marvel’s most beloved stories and the first to tell the universe of iconic heroes from an adult perspective. The result was a series that, over the course of five seasons, surprised with its entertainment power. At the same time, he became more and more complex and allowed him to analyze his characters from a new angle.

The production marked a milestone in the world of animated films that continues to this day. Actually, X-Men ’97 It is a continuation of all the events touched upon in the previous plot. But more than that, it’s a gateway into the mutant universe from a privileged perspective. One that allows us to understand their dilemmas, problems and complex psychology first hand. The Disney+ series is more of a way to examine the context surrounding the characters. At the same time, it’s an exploration of what made their characters fan favorites. In particular, by showing this strength and humanity, They can go hand in hand and support approaches that go beyond typical ideas of right and wrong.

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Of course, being X-Men ’97 an unofficial continuation of the original series, it is worth delving into the context and stories that were explored in the previous production. So, we leave you with everything you need to keep in mind. X-Men: The Animated Series if you want to watch the new Disney+ series without missing a beat. Regardless of whether you are an avid fan or just starting your journey in the mutant universe. This summary will help you better enjoy the story and prepare for your future visit. from heroes to live action from Marvel, which seems to be just around the corner.

Season 1 (premiered 1992)

The first season, which hit the small screen in 1992, was more of a way to introduce the mutants than an adventure in itself. Thirteen episodes serve as a sort of introduction to everything there is to know about mutants. Including the reason why they encounter the human race and are considered, Essentially, the enemies are disguised within society as we know it.

The result is an excursion through several major areas of traditional comics. The Guardians are introduced, robots capable of detecting the mutant gene and mercilessly hunting anyone who has it. Therefore, they become the main weapon of world governments seeking to eradicate or destroy At the very least, control all those who exhibit powers resulting from altered genetics.

In addition, the supervillain Apocalypse appears, one of the world’s first mutants with a segregationist point of view. Little by little, humanity (or at least its governments) will eventually fight the anti-heroes with every weapon at their disposal. Which will cause a violent reaction from the latter. As such, the season also includes hints at a cure for the X-Gene, the arrival of the evil Senator Kelly, and the first arguments between Magneto and Charles Xavier. The latter, in the midst of a conflict about how to understand that IIs he different from humanity and what is his moral responsibility in this regard.

Season two (premiered 1993)

Once the story is established, the show has time to delve deeper into its characters. So the whole plot is about the confrontation between humans and mutants, somewhat left aside in favor of separate chapters devoted to its most important figures. However, the main focus remains on the protagonists’ resistance to the human governments’ intentions to control them. Because of this, the plot has more political aspects about the position of human power in relation to the group led by Charles Xavier.

All of the above sets up a subplot that finds Magneto and Xavier at the center of an intense adventure in the Savage Land. The latter is a hidden reserve in Antarctica that simulates the Mesozoic era. On the other end, as the mutant leader tries to save his life and talk to his classic enemy, The characters develop in different ways.

Scott and Jean marry, pointing a new direction for their understanding of each other in the sophisticated atmosphere of the group they lead. At the same time, the series chronicles the origins of Wolverine and Rogue, journeying through their most difficult and dramatic moments. Finally, develop the Beast through the novel. This gives the group of protagonists greater humanity and complexity.

Season three (premiered 1994)

Unlike the previous two, the third installment in the series eschews individual exploration in exchange for a major adventure set in space. However, the interest of the series is to make its characters more human, mature and multi-faceted. Which is what he achieves, once he has established that the fight against the human world will be waged from Xavier’s point of view. Which makes Magneto his archenemy.

The season also features the epic Dark Phoenix Saga as its main seasonal storyline, with Jean Gray at the center of the story. At the same time, the remaining X-Men are humanized, eventually giving up their suits and labs. face life outside the school Xavier founded.

In fact, much of the plot represents the redemption of some of the main characters. A journey as Wolverine searches for his purpose—and failed love—and Magneto… ask questions about your humanity.

Season four (premiered 1995)

This season will be remembered for delving into Magneto’s relationship with the fictional country of Genosha, as well as detailing how the villain’s interference hastened the destruction of the place. In 17 episodes, the plot allowed us to delve deeper into the moral and ethical contradictions of the powerful mutant. And also in how his decision to confront Xavier This led him almost to self-destruction and the pursuit of a vile goal.

But this season will be remembered for the introduction night bum, one of the favorite heroes of all fans. At the same time, to explore Wolverine as a hero with a tragic past who must also try to understand his future and past as a single line of events. In fact, much of the character’s complexity on the big screen comes from the comics and this season’s classic animated series.

Season five (premiered 1996)

The series, which was planned to culminate with Wolverine’s redemption and the defeat of Apocalypse in the last episodes of the previous one, returned with new chapters in 1996. And all this due to pressure on FOX and in the midst of a revival of the series. a mutant saga in comics. But a change of animation studio and a clear disconnect from the rest of the work—and the paper version—made the delivery of the lowest quality. Plus an unnecessary epilogue to a larger work.

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But what it does include is the context that X-Men ’97 delves into. Namely: the final disappearance of Xavier and Scott’s recognition as the leader of mutants in difficult times. One of the most interesting points that the new production analyzes. What the results in the same quality as the first seasons of classic Marvel productions.

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