Nobody doubts this. TV series have become the fastest growing and most popular content in the entertainment world. The so-called golden age of television, which introduced an entire generation to the iconic The wire And Soprano, gave way to a new type of production. More compact, able to hold the viewer captive for hours, so that complex stories can be enjoyed in one sitting. All this thanks to the arrival streaming and the opportunity to participate in the iconic marathon. The truth is that the serialized format has not only seen a resurgence in value over the past decade. He also demonstrated his wide range of capabilities.

Moreover, the platforms offer a freedom that the pioneers did not find on cable channels. Nowadays, TV series no longer have to face censorship, much less time and cost restrictions. Little by little, the ability to have its own rhythm and increase the ambition of the premises and productions transformed the genre into something completely different. In a storytelling medium that not only transcends all limits, but also This allows for experimentation on a level that a small screen would never allow.

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This is something that the best platforms today consider when choosing content. As proof, we leave you with five excellent quality series that you can watch right now on Star+. From the story of the man who created the legend to the perspectives of powerful women on the quest for world peace. The selection features the best representatives of the genre, which continues to develop and become more and more interesting. Moreover, to demonstrate that its capabilities are still far from being realized.

Coppola, representative

Who creates a genius? This is the question that Coppola, representative arises in his curious argument. The story of the man who created the phenomenon that surrounded Diego Armando Maradona is intriguing, to say the least. But the series also takes this to the next level by showing how an agent known for his extravagant personality He created the idol from the very beginning until it became a global phenomenon.

On the other hand, not only was he representative of what is considered the best Argentine athlete in recent history, but he was also a complex figure in his own right. Guillermo Coppola, who comes to fiction, played by Juan Minujin, is an ambitious man always on the edge of the abyss. Which will lead him to experience his student’s fame between partying, drugs and debauchery.

The six-episode series delves into more than just the idea of ​​fame and recognition from an interesting perspective. Moreover, he analyzes the possibility of success as the beginning of a disorderly race towards disaster. Something that the production shows, from the vision of the wild figure he held on his shoulders,the appearance of an athlete destined for glory.

planet sex

Sexuality and all the issues that arise from this concept will always be difficult topics to discuss. So the way Cara Delevingne approaches them in this six-part documentary is as original as it is original. From sexual pleasure, gender identity to the question of what “E” makes someone sexy—or not—this series is a fun look at lust and desire.

But it’s also an intriguing journey into how sex has become an interesting part of defining a way of understanding identity. Without hesitation, with good humor and accurate information, planet sex It’s a light-hearted take on difficult and sometimes uncomfortable topics.

However, actress Cara Delevingne makes the journey through multiple perspectives on complex scenarios fresh and friendly. Sincere, frank and full of optimism, the presenter makes big questions about the body, genitals and pleasure more accessible. This becomes the most interesting moment of the production.

Young virgins

This series from Indonesia might seem like the nth version of a procedural investigation, if not for one interesting point. His ability to combine a youthful take on the topic as well as an exploration of the concept of current good and evil into one script. Which leads to an interesting plot that keeps things interesting throughout the ten chapters.

Talitha (Arla Ailani Mukhtar) will begin investigating using every tool at her disposal when one of her classmates is murdered. But the need to understand what happened will lead him down strange and dangerous paths. And this while trying to unravel his feelings for Faris (Panji Zoni). and delves into what lies behind violent crime.

Tight, uncomfortable at times, and even with some horror references, this series is everything a fan of suspense productions could ask for. Enjoy watching now – with full episodes – on Star+.

Peace, peace now and now

The documentary, made up of five episodes, examines gender-based violence and its consequences through various stories. But beyond focusing on the sensationalism of stories, Peace, peace now and now, focuses on the victims and their circumstances. Moreover, in his recovery and especially in his training who leave their process to other women who, like them, have suffered violence around the world.

Thanks to a group of directors that includes Spain’s Isabel Coixe, Ignacia Matus, Pepa San Martin, Javier García-Huidobro and others, the series is frank and honest. But at the same time he has enough sensitivity in analyzing cases from the point of view of respect and generosity.

The result is sober production. It also shows that such a complex topic can be analyzed from a perspective that extols the value of those who have suffered violence.


This dark fantasy explores kindness and cruelty in magical territory where both ideas will be put to the test. From the mystery of the identity of a hero capable of killing an evil creature, to the search for the emblem of justice and peace. This series is a smart and well-told take on the manga of the same name.

subscribe to Star+ and you will have access to the best TV series and exclusive films How Stranger, Simpson, X-Men And the walking Dead. Includes Star originals And all sports from espnlike La Liga, Champions League and Formula 1.

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But at the same time, it is a journey through the traditional Japanese obsession with kindness and courage, which allows us to confront the darkest forces. With a premiere episode airing every week, you might want to check out this production if you’re a fan of Japanese animation.

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