Taormina night turns blue for the world champions of . to welcome Italy 1982 – A Blue Storywhich will be presented on June 29 at the Ancient Theater, a preview of the national release scheduled for July 11 of which we present today photos, the first clip and the poster.

The documentary is accompanied by Fulvio Collovati, Beppe Dossena, Franco Selvaggi and Marco Tardelli, one of the legendary architects of that sporting miracle, the 1982 World Championships in Spain, a wonderful and unexpected seal of a difficult period for the history of ‘Italy’ . and for the national team led by Enzo Bearzot. In a country oppressed by the nightmare of terrorism and the economic crisis, the blue parable triumphantly beats a first critical phase in which the great Paolo Rossi, the designated striker, had not found the way to the goal and the group was struck by controversy and bewilderment. This is where the documentary begins: when all hope seems lost and a media storm ravages the Azzurri.

This is the long summary of the documentary:
On the eve of the 1982 World Cup, Italy is in an economic, social and political crisis. Terrorism, mafia, drugs, unemployment and even the earthquake hit a country without reference points, if not the country represented by the President of the Republic Sandro Pertini. Italians – divided like never before – are sailing in the storm, but they need a glimmer of hope.
At that time, the national football team is the mirror of the country. The Azzurri and their coach, Enzo Bearzot, are viewed with suspicion, as a patchwork of inexperienced youths and sunset champions, a group of losers with a designated striker – Paolo Rossi – who has just come out of a two-year suspension for betting.
The national team has everyone against everyone: the journalists, the Federation, the fans. And first, the retirement of Alassio and then that of Pontevedra in Spain are a trickle, both for the players and for Coach Bearzot.
Cold, icy, dry and decisive, the “vecio Bearzot” is almost like a father to its 22 players, who decide to follow only his voice as if it were their general’s. Even when – after the first three disappointing Mundial games – the situation deteriorates and the team threatens to be eliminated.

This is where the documentary begins: when all hope seems lost and a media storm ravages the Azzurri.
The documentary unfolds between interviews with the protagonists and unpublished historical footage: old u-matic found in local archives, very rare and never-before-seen photos of Giuseppe Mantovani, who portrayed the team during the retreat before the world championship. Images and photos that show an exclusive story of the days on the Puerta Del Sol in Alassio, the historic place where the journey to the world championship began, with our Azzurri in an unusual and very intimate guise. Other special photos came from the La Presse archive, with whose contribution the scrolls of the photographer Cesare Galimberti were found, including many photos of Daniele Massaro, authorized by Bearzot to take unpublished photos of the Azzurri on the sidelines. For the football played, the ‘rushes’ were chosen from the FIFA archives, in other words the dirtiest images with unprecedented views on the performance of the national team.

The story of the World Cup – with matches, training sessions, controversies, leisure – will thus be interspersed with the events of the players and the country. We will see our protagonists grow stronger and more compact every day, gradually defeating each opponent. We will discover the secrets of the dressing room, but also what was hidden in the minds and lives of the boys at that time: troubles, worries, torments experienced in the eye of the storm. And in silence.
That silence broken by a scream on the night of July 11, 1982 in Madrid: the scream is Tardelli, in harmony with all Italians. The 1970s really ended when the Azzurri won the cup of this world championship, only against everyone else and with the credit of shaking a country.
With their actions, the football players of 1982 will not only change their destiny, but also inspire the actions of an entire generation with a profound and imperishable teaching: one can excel even in the midst of great difficulties.

Source: Lega Nerd

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