Two years ago, the movie theater experience experienced one of its most critical moments. The COVID-19 lockdown is not just a hard blow for exhibitors and venues. It also showed that the Hollywood industry had to quickly adapt in the face of changes in consumer habits. The result has been fears and questions about the future of film distribution as it has been known until now. At the same time, the likelihood that direct competition with streaming will take the show into unprecedented territory that cannot be predicted immediately.

But time has shown that going to the cinema is still a fundamental part of what the seventh art can be. Gradually, in the midst of an apparent recovery, visiting theaters again became of paramount importance in order to fully enjoy premiere productions. Whether it’s a phenomenon like Barbenheimer or the visual amazement that Dune: Part Two exhibits with landscapes shot to be viewed on the biggest screen possible. The truth is that returning to cinema has become in an overall experience that every day becomes more fun, more varied and regains all its attractiveness.

We leave you with three of the best premieres you can enjoy this weekend on the big screen in Spain. From a prequel to a horror classic to one of the most extravagant and fun action films of recent years. Our recommendations cover all genres and points of view for an unforgettable experience. The best this habit has to offer at the moment.

Monkey man

The film, which Netflix rejected due to its strong political content, is considered by director Jordan Peele to be a modern work of art. This is one of the premieres that will appear in cinemas in Spain this Friday and you should definitely watch it. This is one of the most interesting proposals regarding the well-known image of unity of command in recent times. But much more is the showcase of resources and good cinematography, which is sure to surprise fans of the action genre and the general public.

Of course, the story of an anonymous man seeking revenge is not original. But Monkey man turns it into something new, not only because of its point of view on violence, with a political component and even with sexual overtones. At the same time, the detail of the brutal battle scenes and deaths is so realistic that it becomes uncomfortable. The result is a film that, while somewhat predictable, It’s a great visual spectacle and an interesting subtext.

Dev Patel, who stars, directs and writes, turns his character’s long journey to justice into a colorful, baroque spectacle. With obvious influence Bollywoodthis combination between saga John Wick and something more unique, it is a triumph of imagination. Its highest element.

First prophecy

The saga, which tells how the biblical Antichrist will incarnate into an ordinary person, has already stretched over four films, two documentaries and a TV series. All productions are of varying levels of quality, and some are completely forgettable.

But the prequel The first prophecy Arkady Stevenson not only explores everything related to Richard Donner’s first feature film, released in 1976. It also reinvents it and gives it a sinister twist for a new generation of horror fans. This is rightfully one of the most anticipated horror premieres of the entire season.

In some of the most brutal horror scenes of the year – and perhaps the last five years – Stevenson this time focuses on the Anti-Prophet’s mother. But also in turning the Catholic Church into a cruel sect, capable of creating a terrifying creature that causes fear. The point is not simple, butThe director manages to tell it elegantly enough to make it more than just a fest of gory images.

blood on lips

Much water has passed under the bridge since Kristen Stewart became a teen idol in the saga. Twilight. And this evolution is more noticeable than ever in blood on lipsin which the actress reveals her wildest, cruelest and most violent side.

This dramatic thriller from Rose Glass follows Lou (Stewart), a sad and trauma-ridden character who ends up falling in love with Jackie (Katie M. O’Brien). Together they form an explosive couple, full of dilemmas, but above all… united by the poison of a turbulent past. This is undoubtedly one of the most atypical premieres due to its brutality and difference from the rest of the poster.

Things will get worse when Jackie decides to go to Las Vegas for a bodybuilding competition and takes Lou with her. Which will turn the relationship between them into a shifting terrain of lust, hatred and poison that It will end in a suffocating combination of suffering with erotic overtones.

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