One of the Pentagon’s main contractors, the military-industrial company Northrop Grumman, which produces missile weapons, air defense systems, electronics, ships and aircraft, is present in the world. This particular goal is the century of your work, particularly robotic devices.

Subglider company Manta Ray used its name on its skateboard – Manta, better known as the giant sea devil. Northrop Grumman did not submit this outdated prototype, which was redesigned by a DARPA agent. Possessing properties (the characteristics of Manta Ray are classified), they will carry out responsible underwater missions at high water levels in autonomous mode.

The device must be related to its hydrodynamics. It is known that it will carry a variety of payloads as part of the mission, with the emphasis being on range rather than speed.

Manta Ray will also be used by other technological technologies, including energy-saving ones. One of the most important things in technology is to “lay low” in hibernation (energy) conservation). Manta Ray has a modular design, so it can be disassembled into a single unit.

Source: Tech Cult

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