Powerful, sometimes annoying and always enigmatic Doctor Strange played by Benedict Cumberbatch. He is the most important character of the fourth phase of Marvel.. So said Richie Palmer, producer Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. He also added that as the fourth phase moves into uncharted places and explores the post-Infinity Saga era, one more thing will become clear. Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff is also a mainstay for everything that happens next in the franchise.

This is a kind of statement, because until now none of the actors have confirmed new projects. Especially how their characters will continue their story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But it doesn’t seem like an inconvenience to justify its importance. A few months ago, Kevin Feige, director of Marvel Studios and creative director of the brand, insisted on a similar point. In the future, Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange will be the “anchor of the Marvel Cinematic Universe”, Feige said.

Palmer added information that sparked speculation about upcoming projects, which have yet to be named. “If Doctor Strange is the anchor of Phase 4, then Wanda Maximoff is the jewel in the crown,” the chief executive said. Which hints at what fans suspected: Wanda Maximoff is still alive. And, most likely, his appearance will happen much earlier than the Marvel saga suggests.

A dangerous witch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness caused all sorts of speculation ahead of the premiere. It was considered the biggest Marvel movie to date and was even compared to end of the game Russo brothers. There were also endless rumors about his cameos and appearances. So much so that interest in the film is divided between the expected mysterious appearances in it and its plot.

It is likely that the film received mixed reviews for this reason. Also, for starting a debate among fans about whether or not Marvel will frequently include the multiverse in all Phase 4 films. But something became clear. Doctor Strange has shown the full extent of his abilities and a new facet of his personality, including a third eye. And in the case of Wanda Maximoff, all the possibilities that the character offers. To the point where his apparent death in the film seemed like an announcement of at least a mystery to be solved.

Palmer seems to agree with the fans and made it clear. “It’s crazy to see Wanda acting like this for the first time, it’s very exciting,” he explained. “And for those of us who are comic book fans, we were so excited to bring this to the screen and finally deliver on the promise. Once you introduce the Scarlet Witch character, there’s no going back. Even before she became the Scarlet Witch, when we introduced her in Age of Ultron, there was always hope to see what she could do. And it’s really exciting. She is the best”.

Doctor Strange and Wanda, extremes of one view of power

At this point, the latest information available about Doctor Strange and Wanda is mixed. First, the Sorcerer Supreme has signs of being corrupted by the Darkhold. And if that wasn’t enough, he had a more than amazing encounter with Clea (Charlize Theron), radical character in comics. First scene after credits Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, shows the duo in an attempt to prevent further damage to the multiverse. At the end of the credits, you can also read, in the tradition of Marvel, “Doctor Strange will return”, which guarantees a sequel.

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On the other hand, Wanda Maximoff appears to have died on Mount Wundagore while trying to destroy the entire Darkhold in the Multiverse. However, it is clear that not only did he survive, but it is more than likely that he will become a relevant character again in a short time. Which ensures that this is likely to be the connecting point between the Marvel Universe and the likely full appearance of mutants in the franchise. Will we hear from Olsen’s lips the phrase “no more mutants”? Most likely, yes, it will not last long.

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