Finally, the end – for now – of Zack Snyder’s space saga has appeared in the Netflix catalogue. Rebel Moon (Part Two): The Warrior Who Leaves Traces, was released and, as expected, sparked widespread debate about its quality. Meanwhile, a significant part of specialized critics consider this a chaotic work that yields little; the director’s fans invariably support him. This led to it receiving one of the most curious ratings on aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. If specialized publications give only 16% positive reviews about him, then the public is more generous – 53%.

In general, what has been said does not answer the most important question posed by the statement. Will there be a third part of the film? The film, which culminates in the heroes achieving their goal of liberating the agricultural moon from the Veldt, leaves this possibility open. Especially when warrior Cora (Sofia Boutella) discovers that Princess Issa (Stella Grace Fitzgerald), whom she thought was dead, is in fact alive. And moreover, undoubtedly needing his protection in the midst of the upcoming declared revolution, he will defeat the evil empire of the Mother World.

However, there is still no statement from Netflix regarding the third and still hypothetical conclusion to the idea conceived by Zack Snyder. And it is unlikely that it will appear any time soon. Considering that the platform has begun a cost-saving policy, the possible continuation of the project will most likely be taken calmly. Primarily because both films are rumored to cost $166 million. Typically, a subscription service doesn’t take much into account good or bad reviews. But yes, the popularity of the project. Something that the second part of Zack Snyder’s hypothetical future project fails at.

A complex production that lacks everything

Despite the controversy surrounding its visual and narrative quality, the first installment of the saga does not rank among Netflix’s top ten films of all time. Rebel Moon (Part One): Fire Girl received mixed reviews and acceptable reviews from audiences. But this is by no means the success that Snyder needed to expand his universe to the next level. Much more, if we take into account the cost of such production, It cannot be returned through the cash register or any other normal means.

Netflix’s business model has always been difficult when second or third chances are considered on productions that don’t live up to expectations. In fact, in recent years, the platform has been criticized for canceling minority and quality projects in favor of more popular ones. In the case of Rebel Moon and the universe it proposes, the solution lies in the complex terrain of the emerging world. Moreover, it requires patience and the willingness of the public to support the film duo. Something that didn’t happen or wasn’t on the scale the platform might want.

All of the above despite the personal campaign that Snyder waged for his work. Including ensuring that the number of views of the first film in the franchise exceeds Barbie, the most popular film of 2023. Also, as if that weren’t enough, the newborn saga of Rebel Moon began with a heaviness on its wings. This is: the announced director’s cut, which has not yet been released and which needs to be demonstrated, sooner or later, the popularity of the project as a whole.

What does Zack Snyder say about the future of his project?

Despite the lackluster results and the fact that it is still unclear what will happen to the story of Cora and her team of hardworking heroes, the director has clear ideas about this. In a conversation with Radio Times, the director explained that he could stage up to six stories, in which he would tell everything connected with the uprising against Mundomadre point by point. In addition, he added that this number corresponds to the possibility of filming two films simultaneously. What has already happened with the first and second parts of the franchise.

It remains to be seen whether the arrival of a director’s cut, billed as R-rated for adults and far more violent than what has been shown so far, will provide the boost the production needs. Or at least revive public interest in it. For now we just have to wait.

Source: Hiper Textual

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