In 1994 Ambulance: Emergencies It all started as a successful experiment. The series, created by Michael Crichton, aimed to bring back the human and dramatic meaning of medical stories. Add to this the complex context and characters that will gradually develop through operating rooms and diagnoses. On the other hand, the plan attempted to restore the genre of such dramas, traditional for American television, but transformed into productions closer to soap operas. Thus, Crichton’s point of view is based on the ability to explore what happened in the crazy world of hospitals and their hardworking heroes. All in a realistic, direct and often tragic tone.

The combination worked. Not only because this success changed the world of soap operas – and, of course, the world of medical dramas – and led to a new type of audience. And also for mixing scientific themes and a wide variety of characters and stories in one setting, which became more and more complex from season to season. The play became a television icon of the decade and beyond. At the same time, it demonstrated the validity of stories set in the world of medicine and popular taste. Much more, opening the door to many more similar arguments and completely reinventing the genre.

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To prove the above, we leave you with five unusual medical dramas that you can find right now on Star+. From the seminal series of the genre, which is now receiving a second and well-deserved airing, to a Spanish production born in a pandemic. We leave it all for you to explore on the most important medical dramas. relevant and especially those that give the genre a characteristic personality.

Gray’s Anatomy

The production company’s best-known series, spanning 20 seasons (yes, you read that right) and 426 episodes, Shonda Rhimes is itself a cornerstone of modern medical drama. Not only in order to achieve the desired combination of a story with serial overtones (and this is what it is) with a hospital setting. At the same time, for keeping things fresh with a story that created its own universe and carefully and elegantly explores controversial, sensitive and moving twists.

The secret to longevity and industrial success appears to be a combination of several factors. On one hand, focus your scripts and visual assets on exploring medicine from a human and realistic perspective. On the other end Gray’s Anatomy became famous for abandoning several of his most famous characters over time. This allows him to resume his stories from time to time and add unpredictability to the plot.

It’s his 20th season that demonstrates how successful his formula is. With five new prisoners and a whole host of new scenarios to explore, the series has successfully overcome the loss of its lead couple and its most famous conflicts. In turn, this brings a whole new dimension to 21st century medicine and, especially, a new sensitivity to science. A step forward that makes the production a milestone on the small screen.

New Amsterdam

Following the steps Gray’s Anatomyalthough on a smaller scale and efficiency, it is found New Amsterdam. The series, which ran for five seasons, became a huge hit during the pandemic., but, strange as it may seem, he was never able to recover from this unexpected and punctual triumph of harmony. Additionally, the series suffered numerous problems, including a major recording delay, which ultimately doomed it to early cancellation.

But despite this, New Amsterdam It’s still a touching story worth giving it a chance. The story of Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) begins with a painful tragedy. A single father and recovering cancer patient, the head of North America’s oldest hospital must face several challenges at once. On the one hand, teaching a young daughter against the backdrop of complex medical requirements. On the other hand, do science with kindness and generosity.

He won’t always succeed, but Max will strive to leave a legacy of loyalty and love for everyone around him. With a painful ending, but with respect for the story as a whole. the series is a little rarity that can be found on Star+ right now.


This book adaptation irresponsible Marty Macari is both a medical drama and a meditation on moral and spiritual duty in this field. A nuance that gives the six seasons of the production an atmosphere of constant renewal. And also a personal approach that distances her from simply studying what happens in the corridors of the hospital on duty.

Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry) is a resident of Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. But he also has ambitions to be more than just a good doctor. However, what begins as a journey through the life of a professional trainer soon becomes a dilemma. A character with considerable talent and an uncomfortable arrogance, He must deal with his need to do good and at the same time stand out in his career.

The first season wowed critics. Resident It slowly found its own rhythm and personality. However, by the sixth installment, the plot seemed to become trivial and uninteresting, leading to an unforeseen cancellation. However, his smart speeches and his main character remain in history. a rare mixture of rebel and good Samaritan.

Without PRIVACY entry

This spin off from Gray’s Anatomyin many ways became a testing ground for the most famous characters in the central story. In particular, whether they can pass the test of independence from central production. So, the plot tells how surgeon Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) goes into private medicine. Much more, in a completely new location for the character, such as Santa Monica (California).

Shonda Rhimes also produced. Without PRIVACY entry It is more mature, risk-taking and innovative in its approach to the medical topic. Much more so when one examines the morals and ethics of Addison, one of the most controversial and complete figures in Grey’s Anatomy. Over the course of its six parts, the series has managed to delve into more than just matters far more complex than those involved in the wider universe from which it originated. At the same time, the intricacies of private medicine are shown, and especially the responsibility that professionals in their field bear on their shoulders.

The play was never as successful as its main story. Overall, it managed to show Shauna Rhimes’ distinct perspective on the universe, which set a good precedent for future developments. Will the production company continue to delve deeper into its characters? We will have to wait.

kisses in the air

This two-chapter Spanish miniseries is a special case of a great story that comes at just the right time. The performance by Dario Madrona in a comedic tone with notes of drama tells:The life of a group of strangers in a difficult moment.

This is nothing more than a quarantine caused by the COVID-19 health emergency. Gradually, in a sincere and empathetic tone, the plot reveals how the situation affected its characters. But what is much more important is how they managed to preserve mentally and physically afloat, despite such serious circumstances.

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The link between all the stories is Javi (Paco Leon), a nurse who will try her best in critical and unknown circumstances. Which will give the plot the best and most exciting moments.

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