How to track your mood with Apple Watch in watchOS 10

Apple Watch not only takes care of our physical health but also our mental health; Here we teach you how to track your mood

Moods on Apple Watch thanks to watchOS 10

HE The Apple Watch has proven to be an accessory that has advanced to the point of being functionally independent in its interaction with the iPhone.. We’ve seen new advances in healthcare in recent years, and watchOS 10 was no exception; Cupertinos have focused their attention on mental health. Mindfulness started as a practice focused on relaxation It helps you breathe by reminding you throughout the day. It has advanced so much that it is now possible to record our mood on Apple WatchThat’s what we will teach you in this article.

Mental health benefits increase with watchOS 10’s mood tracking feature

Apple introduced it almost a year ago at WWDC 2023. These features allow us, as users, to record our mood. the emotions we give throughout the day and from time to time.

“Our goal is to empower people to take control of their health. With these innovative features, we’re further expanding the health and wellness tools we offer users on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.” Dr. Sumbul Dsai, Apple Vice President of Health

The way we track our mood is more intuitive than it seems. By entering the special section, we can see interactive multidimensional shapes. and let you choose between Various options from “very good” to “very bad”. Also included are connotations and descriptions of feelings of gratitude or concern.

All this data is collected by the Health app, where you can refer to valuable data regarding mental health.Influencing factors such as lack of sleep, exercise or the lifestyle itself. Let’s see how to do this on Apple Watch.

Monitor your mood from today

Neutral mood in watchOS 10

Neutral mood on Apple Watch

  1. Open the app Mindfulness on Apple Watch with watchOS 10
  2. tap on Mood option
  3. Tap on it Start signing up how you feel at that moment or how you feel in general throughout the day
  4. The default option is Neutral, but you can swipe or use the digital crown to cycle through 7 different options:
  • Too bad
  • evil
  • Something wrong
  • Natural
  • a good thing
  • Good
  • Very good
Mood is Good to Very Good

Mood charts on Apple Watch

  1. Tap the check mark in the upper right corner to choose the mood
  2. You can then add any emotions that you think complete the recording.
  3. As a result, you can save optional words related to what made the biggest impact on you.

Optional: Turn on reminders to keep your mood tracker updated

  1. Go to the Health app on your iPhone and tap Explore
  2. Then in Mental health select Mood
  3. Scroll and tap Options
  4. Select Remind me during the day, at the end of the day, or add a reminder to remind you to check in at a special time.
Mood recording and reminders

Moods on iPhone

If you want, you can tap Manage Awareness in the Apple Watch app to do this from your smartwatch.. If you have more questions about tracking your mood and emotions, as well as performing mental health assessments, this Apple Support article is for you.

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