There is no doubt: we are enjoying the platinum age of TV series. If the 1990s and the decade that followed were rightly called the golden decade, the current decade benefits from its legacy. Or, at least, all the possibilities that great serialized stories opened up over those that came later. From The Sopranos, The Wire, Breaking Bad, To Call a Soul Better, Peaky Blinders and Stranger Things. The truth is that the world of TV series has become richer, more interesting and full of nuances. At the same time, it took advantage of its format’s undoubted advantages to tell increasingly interesting and complex stories.

But nothing has propelled the genre forward more than streaming. The lack of censorship, time limits, and even budgets allowed a wide variety of arguments to reach the public in a completely new way. Additionally, we have always been at the forefront of innovation, which has allowed us to explore new places and perspectives. From the platforms’ ability to release entire seasons at once – and thus change consumer habits – to the ease of delivering an experience tailored to the user. Subscription services have created the perfect space for series to become not only the best way to tell great stories, but also but take them to completely unknown places.

As proof, we leave you with 7 of the strangest TV series that you can watch right now on major platforms. Online. All released this year. From a successful adaptation of a beloved video game to a strange book adaptation that explores cultural loyalty. An intriguing journey not only for fans of the series, but also for the most complex and best-told stories. The best that the most popular catalogs have to offer,

Fallout (Prime Video)

Led by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan – the very team that brought forward Westworld — The Bethesda Softworks adaptation of the game fully reflects the essence of the original. Especially when moving away from other dystopias to build a world with its own personality. The story of an alternate timeline in which a nuclear tragedy has destroyed everything is strange in its retro-futuristic aesthetic. At the same time, in the way it delves into what happened after the attack that turned a large part of the countries into ashes.

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However, in addition to exploring the tragedy – which it does and even offers explanations and details – fall outshe is more interested in how the human race has survived its own violence. Thus, it shows their efforts to survive despite the long and complex chronology of events. An unusual idea that becomes more and more interesting as you move towards the most extravagant moments.

Them: Fear (Prime Video)

The anthology series, the second part of which was released this year, is horror with deep social commentary. But without becoming preachy or self-righteous, the script by Little Marvin, Tony Saltzman, Malcolm M. Mays and Scott Kosar explores racism and discrimination in new ways. Which gives the series a few of its own its best moments, as well as its ability to have a dense subtext through which its message is supported.

The plot, which tells of characters crushed, wounded and traumatized by prejudice, becomes increasingly dark and sinister as it develops. But it was the second season that managed to create an ominous scenario in which all the great evils of society turn into monsters. The finale to the recent horror story, this series is one of the most unique options you can watch on Prime Video.

Bodkin (Netflix)

Awl. Siobhan Cullen as Dove in episode 102 of Bodkin. Kr. Enda Bow/Netflix © 2024

Released in 2024, this seven-episode Netflix series is perfect for those who want to enjoy a mystery story with lots of interesting twists and turns. Especially when you combine the current obsession with social media and celebrities with a mystery that is becoming increasingly confusing and difficult to solve. Also, one that deals with folk horrors and all sorts of supernatural mysteries.

What starts out as a particularly difficult chapter podcast , ends up leading his production team on an increasingly dangerous search for information. Especially when it will expose them to all sorts of risks they never thought they could take. This is when the story of a series of disappearances becomes an open door to what appears to be a supernatural event. If you have a riddle with shades folk horrorAnd true crime this production is for you.

Red Queen (Prime Video)

Red Queen

Adapted from Juan Gomez-Jurado’s bestselling novel, it’s a winning blend of procedural and action-thriller. The result is a story that ranges from exploring the psychology of characters to building an expansive universe based on the books. Antonia Scott (Vicki Luengo) is the smartest woman in the world. And it will condemn her, one way or another, fight crime with the weapons of your privileged mind.

On the other hand, John Gutierrez (Hovik Keichkerian) is a police officer with a lot to lose and will team up with Antonia to solve the strangest crime yet. Together they learn that modern evil has many faces. But also the friendship between them will be a way to become an infallible team against the sinister plans of dark characters. Whether you’re a fan of the books or not, this is a fun piece of work, fRancha and full of surprises, it is for lovers of great detective stories.

Anthracite (Netflix)

When the cult commits its worst crimes, it will become part of Europe’s most sinister history. This will prompt the journalist to explore their roots and especially what happened after the tragedy in which the group was involved. But the disappearance of the latter will soon show that even decades later After the tragedy, mysterious participants continue to commit acts of violence.

This miniseries, based on a true story, is also a tribute to… true crime and the impact of the Internet on major current research. Both factors combine to give the story a casual feel. young and mysterious – all at the same time – which is the highlight of his design.

Expats (Prime Video)

Margaret (Nicole Kidman) is a mother dealing with the most devastating tragedy. On the other hand, Mercy (Yoo Ji Young) is trying to survive the worst day of her life using the few physical and mental means at her disposal. Finally, Hilary (Sarayu Rao) faces an existential crisis that threatens to ruin her entire life.

The three women are united by a scenario of violence, pain and disappointment that becomes increasingly cruel and perverted. Especially when no one has the tools to avoid suffering or, in any case, forgive themselves. The film adaptation of Chris Pavone’s book of the same name is a brilliant choral work, distinguished by its way of telling everyday sorrows. But also a search for redemption. A combination that makes it deserted and beautiful at the same time.

Sympathizer (Max)

Based on the novel SympatheticThis elegant and unusual work by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen is a study of loyalty. But not only personal, but also ideals and even country of origin. Little by little, the nameless spy, played by Hoa Xuande, will try to fulfill his duty as a Vietnamese. exploring the benefits of capitalism.

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All this in the mid-1970s and against the background of the consequences of the Vietnam War. Surrounded by eccentric characters, especially the four played by Robert Downey Jr., the series progresses through mystery and betrayal. Much more, delving into the ambiguous and sometimes perverse, the psyche of its main character, a man without a face and without a past.

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