Peaky Blinders This series has become one of the most watched and rated in recent years. So its sixth and final season, released in 2022, has not only captured the public’s imagination. Also, with its open closure, it announced the possibility of continuing the story. And this is thanks to the ability of Steven Knight’s plot to evolve with its characters and the context that surrounds it. Something that was clear in the various time jumps that accompanied the series and this turned their dispute into a vast generational story.

Finally, this week Netflix confirmed that Peaky Blinders, highly anticipated by fans, has been greenlit. He also revealed that Oscar winner Cillian Murphy is returning to play Shelby family patriarch Tommy. All of the above confirms a number of rumors that have surrounded the film’s possible production over the past two years. Especially since Knight himself has repeatedly explained that the story that culminates in season six was intended to be expanded into a feature film. One that, in addition, explored the most interesting moments that the plot left behind.

However, Netflix’s statement announcing the completion of the script and the start of production on the film did not provide details about its plot. And this, despite the fact that Tommy Shelby survived several attempts on his life, indicates that he still has moral and criminal debts to pay. As you may recall, the series culminates with the protagonist defeating his enemies and ensuring the success of Shelby Limited. To which he informs his relatives that he will disappear for a while. What will happen next? This is exactly what the upcoming film should answer.

A plot that will be the culmination of the Peaky Blinders story.

The film’s journey to the small screen began even before the controversial season finale. Already in 2021, the creator explained deadline, that his original plan was to cover the plot with film. Not only because it is a story that spans multiple time frames and historical events. And also because in his imagination each of the family members Shelby has a very specific ending and his story will wrap up the plot elegantly.

The same director then explained that the COVID health emergency changed plans. But even the final season’s closure was written with the film’s future in mind. What coincides with several statements of the writer over the years is what makes the film Peaky Blinders, partly, during the Second World War. A change in scene and structure that is in some way will tie the series back to its successful first season, which was set during the First World War.

Back in 2018, Knight explained Radio Times, his intention was to make the plot a story of a family between the two wars, so he insisted that his original idea was based on the series’ climax with a tragic event. Namely: when the siren sounded for the first air raid on England in 1939. The writer emphasized this in an interview for the magazine. empire, in which he outlined his idea in more detail. While confirming the importance of World War II to the future of the story, he added that at the same time he wants the story to develop further. What would the Shelby family show? the wounds and arguments he experienced that he felt were healed throughout the story shown on the small screen.

The end of the road for the cult series

The truth is that Steven Knight has hinted in recent years that even this film is just the first step in what he envisions as an expanding universe. Something he commented on a panel at the BFI London Film Festival in the final months of 2021. According to the writer and showrunner, the film will be the end of the series as it is known now. What will lead her to a new point, which would allow for the creation of a collection of productions based on the central story.

The truth is that at this point some things are clear. Universe Peaky Blinders He is just beginning to show all his capabilities. This would add a lot of importance to the upcoming film. Not only in expanding the great ideas of its creator. At the same time, favorite characters who have already become an integral part of modern pop culture

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