Boys is finally returning to Amazon Prime Video for its fourth season. The famous superhero series presents its newest installment, promising to continue raising the level of dark comedy, violence and gore. Every year the project grew in a characteristic hooligan tone. A distinctive print that has made it one of the best streaming platform banners.

Its success season after season encouraged many fans to watch more and more episodes. That’s why there are those who wonder how many seasons it could have had. Something that has just received confirmation from its creator, Eric Kripke, via X (Twitter). “Season 4 premiere week Boys “Now is a good time to announce it: the fifth season will be the last!”

The tweet is accompanied by an image of the Season 4 finale script completely crossed out and with the caption “See you in the final season, bastards!” Kripke showed that this was exactly the outcome he dreamed of. “This was always my plan, I just had to be careful until I got final approval from Vought. I’m very excited to bring the story to a bloody, epic and wet climax. Watch season 4 in 2 DAYS because the end has already begun! ” he says.

This is not the first time Kripke He admits that it was clear to him how it would end Boys, although so far he has never dared to name the exact number of seasons. “No one in history has been more wrong than me about how many seasons a show should last. It’s impossible to create a show about these two forces. Patriot And butcher slowly pursued each other, but it didn’t occur to them. Whenever this last episode happens, I know what will happen,” he told the publication. Empire Magazine just a few days ago.

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With words Kripke It was obvious that no matter how long the journey was extended, the end Boys This has already been determined. It was just a matter of Prime Video deciding how many more seasons it was going to give the series. Surprisingly, they decided not to stretch the cud any further than necessary, even though the showrunner himself has proven in the past that he can make stories significantly longer.

Kripke was responsible for another series, Supernatural (Supernatural), which premiered in 2005 and remained active until 2020. Fifteen years and 327 episodes have made it a worldwide phenomenon. Now with boys, could have gone down the same path. But instead, he decided to continue following his plan to the end. In any case, even though a resolution is inevitable, that doesn’t mean Prime Video’s confidence in the series isn’t complete. The best example is that in the case of this new premier, they are not even afraid to confront other great powers such as Star Wars: Acolyte, House of the Dragon or Bear.

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Boys will premiere on Prime Video with the first three episodes of season four on Thursday, June 13th. From now on, a new one will arrive every week until July 18th.

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