In the episodes of the first season Boys, almost everything happened. From showing that The Patriot (Anthony Starr) may be more unhinged than ever (surprisingly) to detailing the countdown in the life of The Butcher (Karl Urban). The truth is that the series, which creator Eric Kripke announced will culminate in the next installment, is more ambitious than it has been so far. Bigger, crueler, cruel and direct. Prime Video’s flagship series has decided that it will tackle all the usual topics from new and undoubtedly more twisted angles.

Which makes season four a little different from the rest. So far, the series has had a more or less similar structure in all seasons. This means that Butcher was trying to find a way to stop the Patriot. Only to see that he couldn’t do it or that the mysterious formula only led him to more difficult places. This was while the Seven were trying to hide the level of insanity of their leader. or in any case join him in the midst of his bloody and often fatal delusions.

But at this time, Boys He makes the interesting decision to ask himself different questions and, in particular, to delve into his favorite topics in new ways. Which gives a completely new perspective on history. We leave you with five things the show’s fourth season does better than its predecessors. From his now unstoppable villain to his lush supporting roles. We explore everything that makes it darker and brighter to this installment of the naughtiest superheroes on television.

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New amazing characters

Although usually Boys While it typically features intriguing and complex characters throughout its seasons, the fourth stands out because the new additions are more than just strategic details. Firecracker (Valorie Curry), one of the new faces among the Seven, also embodies one of the production’s favorite characters. With an obvious penchant for political extremes, he uses his social media platform to support a hate campaign against Starlight (Erin Moriarty). Which allows the story to explore the idea of ​​persecution and violence. Online.

However, do this in a way that does not seem preachy or, at least, moralistic. Fireworks seamlessly embodies the darkest places of media manipulation. Especially when they are used for ideological purposes and persecution of dissent. Which allows Boyspresent a terrifying scenario in which the government, Political discourse and its influence.

On the other side is Sister Sage (Susan Hayward), the smartest person on the planet. Reed Richards’ version of the Marvel in-universe Boys, has the ability to propose anarchic scenarios and develop them from the Tower of Vought. Which makes him dangerous not only, of course, but also possibly the vehicle through which the series takes place. can achieve unexpected turns by pulling the strings of power behind the scenes.

Collapse of El Patriota

It came as a surprise to no one that the fourth season Boys, delves into the madness of “The Patriot.” But he does this, and this is not just an element of deepening his political position or his extreme point of view on power. In fact, the new chapters of the season delve into very specific points. that add a new dimension to your mental state.

From his fear of growing old – with an iconic episode in which he reveals his true weakness – to his relationship with his son Ryan (Cameron Crovetti). The truth is that the new installment is much more thorough in reflecting the character’s mental state. That, experiencing the pressure of the court, a fragmented personality that shows him his worst traits and his inability to distinguish between good and evil.

Until now, the brutal leader of the Seven has been the personification of everything bad about the world of superheroes in the universe Boys. But new chapters conflate the idea of ​​his imbalance with his social influence and popularity. A hot topic that will be talked about in the coming weeks.

Excellent supporting roles in the new season.

The most interesting things in the fourth season Boys, is that its supporting characters continue to be important parts of the plot. From how Kimiko (Karen Fukahara) and Frenchie (Tomer Capone) move forward in their relationship to how the series takes a closer look at Starlight. Boys determined to give greater prominence to all who gravitate toward the Seven, as well those who are waiting for the final confrontation between the Patriot and the Butcher.

This is an intriguing point because the full functioning of the series does not depend on the center of the conflict. In fact, the whole idea of ​​kindness, growth and maturity of the plot is not much, but there is – It is carefully developed in the first chapters.

Of course, there is more room in the plot for the usual petty, mean-spirited, degrading behavior. However, what is interesting is that Boys He expands his universe by telling the backstory of each of his figures.

Butcher, better than ever

If anything is needed for Boys, is that the Butcher, through his behavior, expresses the ambiguous and complex morality of the plot. This is something that season four achieves skillfully and is highlighted by Karl Urban’s remarkable performance. The translator not only manages to explore the usual dilemmas of his character – this time more chaotic, borderline and violent than ever, but at its most vulnerable.

The result is a look at mortality that begins with the fact that Butcher, whose days are numbered and trying to do good in his own way, is juggling many things at once. On the one hand, the leader is overshadowed and defeated by his own group. On the other hand, a man looking for redemption and a place to stay safe. And finally, there is the father figure who is trying to atone for his guilt.

Of course, he achieves none of this, and it is unlikely that he will achieve the success he hopes for. So the Butcher goes through his own path of destruction, starting with a level of hatred and resentment that pushes him towards madness. The best point of contention.

The Boys is expanding, and the season shows it

Including cameos from Godolkin University. Jean a seasonal superweapon, straight from spin off a series. Boys is rapidly expanding, and the production’s fourth season makes clear that the next—and last—won’t be the end of their characters or stories.

In fact, this is the part where it’s most apparent just how vast, twisted, and complex this universe is, populated by superheroes with fractured morals. Much more, using your new characters as open doors for the growth of old anddemonstrating how brutal, brutal and unpredictable they can be.

With its dark, moody and dense tone, season four Boys This is probably the best prelude to the end of the story.An important point to consider as you develop your story.

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