Former Dian official Ómar Ambuila tried to stop his extradition to the United States until the last minute when it came forward on Wednesday morning, November 15, at the request of the Florida court.

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Despite the lawsuit against him He has been detained in La Picota prison in Colombia for four years, and there is still no sentence against him for illegal enrichment and money laundering crimes. However, the DEA arrested him on charges of conspiracy to launder assets.

Her file exploded on the internet when her daughter Jenny Ambuila started posing with luxury cars and shopping at luxury stores and jewelry. This did not match the standard of living of Dian’s father, who was Dian’s second-ranking officer at the Port of Buenaventura.

a purchase The red, personalized Lamborghini with which the young woman appeared in dozens of photographs became the most remembered part of a corruption case that seemed likely to affect more people.

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In fact, EL TIEMPO has specifically determined that: Ómar Ambuila was trying to stop his extradition on the grounds that it would be heard in Colombia for the first time..

His defense filed a motion for protection during the oral hearing against him, in which his client requested the adoption of interim measures so that he could name the officials involved in the incident. and tell me who gave the order to inspect and expropriate certain shipments of goods entering through Buenaventura.

He wants to testify about where the money came from.. However, the Attorney General’s Office opposed hearing him before his extradition, arguing that through international cooperation he could provide this information from a prison in the United States,” one of Ambuila’s defense members explained to EL TIEMPO.

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And he added that his client had They will show that he has a different profile than everyone wants to attribute to him and that he had a tradition of being a merchant, rural transport businessman and mining operation before joining Dian..

EL TIEMPO found that: Initially Jenny Ambuila and two other members of the family were also included in the file; Their lawyers first sent them to prison and then removed them from the process.

The case is in preparatory hearings for trial, with the defense pointing out that the family has been abandoned since the investigation began “financially dead”.

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In fact, Jenny appears to be in a civil suit to recover a property they rented in Cali. And luxury high-end cars were seized by the United States Internal Revenue Service.

There are also injunctions on other assets in Colombia.

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