Original film Manzana the action takes place in the world Formula 1 and starring Brad Pitt It already has a release date. The world’s top motorsport outfit has confirmed when the production will hit cinemas and revealed more details about how filming will proceed.

The film in question, which still has no confirmed title, will make its international debut on June 25, 2025. Two days later, on June 27, it will begin showing in the United States. According to Formula 1, the film will be distributed theatrically by Warner Bros. Pictures and will be available in both regular theaters and IMAX.

Once the feature film has completed its theatrical run, it will become part of an exclusive catalog Apple TV+. Initially, there were rumors that Brad Pitt’s new film could hit the big screen this year, but its development was affected by Hollywood union strikes in 2023.

In fact, filming has not yet been completed and Formula 1 itself has confirmed that the fictional team APXGP (Apex GP) will once again share the race weekend with the rest of the current competition calendar. He will do so at the Silverstone Grand Prix in Great Britain on July 7.

The category indicates that the Apple feature film production team will take part in “several other” competitions for the remainder of 2024. Although it is not specified which of them will be, it is indicated that the main characters will compete at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which closes the 2024 season on December 8th.

A Formula 1 film starring Brad Pitt will be released in 2025.

It is worth remembering that Brad Pitt and his co-stars They have already competed at the Silverstone Grand Prix in 2023.. That weekend APXGP cars were seen on track for the first time, sharing film production with the rest of the teams that are part of Formula 1 today.

As we have already stated, Apex GP is not a true Formula 1 team and does not use official cars in this category. In fact, black and gold cars that have already been spotted in action This is actually Formula 2.. They were modified to resemble Formula One cars, especially in the rear wing area.

Little is known about the plot of Apple’s original film, which takes place in Formula 1. The only thing that has been officially revealed is that Brad Pitt is a veteran racer who returns to the sport to help his young teammate, played by Briton Damson Idris.

This was confirmed by the Oscar winner himself in 2023 Diversity some details of the story. Pitt’s character runs off the road after a serious accident in the nineties. His return to Formula 1 will happen at the insistence of an old friend, played by Javier Bardem, leader of APXGP. The team is last and without points, but it has a driver with great potential who will have to be guided by a former star. The premise appears to be taken from a short story guide outsidersbut we have yet to see how it will be shown on the big screen.

As has already happened with Top Shot: Maverickwhere special cameras filmed scenes on board real fighter jets, Joseph Kosinski strives for the greatest possible realism in this Formula 1 film.. The director implemented an innovative system to best convey the speed and demands of Formula 1 cars.

Brad Pitt himself was categorical about the results obtained so far. “I’ll tell you what’s amazing about this: there are cameras all over the car. You have never seen such speed or such g-forces. It’s really exciting,” he said. Since the release date has already been confirmed, The only thing missing is for the Formula 1 film to have its official title revealed.. Surely there will be news in the coming months.

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